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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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Sup all, my name's "roofus" :D


Major fan of emulation, part time coder, part time school (Cal Poly SLO, CA USA) for now). Sometimes I even get to play games on emulators. :D


I've owned an NES, original gameboy, N64, and Xbox. I've had plenty of games for the rest, and only 2 xbox games for the xbox (the rest are all applications and emulators)

As far as coding goes, I've been doing it since I was six and I'm 18 now, so I guess that's quite a while. Started in masic, moved to C, C++, learned Pascal from a friend in high school for fun, buncha flavors of ASM (x86, z80, 68k), Java, and have since gone on to too many others to list. I just finished writing my first microprocessor, and I'm hooked :) I still write mini win32 apps for fun though.


Anyways, if anyone needs any computer help, or has a project to work on, or whatever... yeah, go ahead and ask.



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Hello people names SeMTeX


I'm aged 18 and started on emus and roms 5 years back

I own a NES, SNES, GENESIS, PS1, PS2, GC and PC


When I first started playing on roms i was hooked on ZSNESW (Thanx to crono trigger, seiken densetsu 3 and mario) months after that i played on more arcadey games so in came neoragex and kawaks.


actually im quite new to kawaks (so plz dont pick on me!!!)


ne ways

this is a cool site, keep it up :D





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This is Juniel, I'm from South Korea, currently in New Zealand to attend University


I'm now 18 and stumbled in here looking for Samsho5...( i have it now thx people)


Hope things go well for this site and uh...how do you go up a rank( what i mean is


how do you go from a member->premium member->user admin..)??

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what up guys, i have some (i really stress the word some) experience with roms + emulators. ive been intrigued ever since i had dial up, starting off with nes and snes games. since then ive been into fighting/neogeo and gba games.


nice to see an english site thats into the emulation scene. (ive come across tooo many spanish sites haha)




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Hi, my name should be on the right-hand side over here, and I'm currently on team Shadowblade on Kaillera.


I'm from S. Korea, and I am currently going to a college in Idaho...


I have a little bit of experience in roms (nothing compared to some of you, of course), and I love SNK, Samurai Shodown being my favorites.


I stumbled upon here looking for SS5, but I think I like the atmosphere here ^^


I'm looking forward to discussing with everyone here!

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