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  1. looks sweet. i missed playing NeoGeo games, been very busy. nice to see some old familiar peeps here, anywys im just droppin by.
  2. samurai shodown 2 and lastblade 2.. hands down.
  3. DrumMania 10th Remix ( Arcade ) this rockz \m/
  4. i think u cant unless u can hack d admin pass.
  5. sorry but you cant have the roms u ask, the board doesnt permits it unlike b4 BOARD RULES: 1. DO NOT ask where to download WAREZ, ROMs, ISOs or BIOSes 2. DO NOT provide direct links to WAREZ, ROMs, ISOs or BIOSes. 3. DO NOT provide links to websites that link to WAREZ, ROMs, ISOs or BIOSes.
  6. u dont have to answer such words if ur not helping.
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