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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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Hi my name is Russ, I'm from England,

I've used emulators for a few years on PC and DC,

I like action based games, If its fast i'll play it B)


fav games Q3 and Serious Sams

Marvel or Xmen beat em ups

Guwange Ikaruga MetalSlugs

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I'm not really new,but i dont get online much these days <_<


Been around forums such as A@H,GeoShock and the old Emux for about 4 years,

rambling on-and-on about nothing in particular and generally being a pain in the arse.


20 -something Irish lass,used to be into Emulation but not so much anymore.

Retro- game lover,Buffy/Angel fanatic,Celtic warrior-Goddess!!!


Dont let the jumping Rabitte >

Fool you,...........im not Yellow :)

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HELLOOOOOOOO everybody. I was on emulforums as kagidame, and I'm very glad that I found this almighty emu-mecha once again, it's such a great thing to have a community completely devoted to the EMU business :(


anyways, a bit about me:




location:braintree MA

game interests: basically anything in 2 dimensions. big fan of Snk, Capcom, Konami and Treasure. all the old school stuff, the sega and nintendo classics. my fave system would have to be the almighty neo-geo, and my fave EMU is Neorage x. Music is a large hobby of mine, been playing guitar for 10 years, piano for one, starting to perform and write my own crap so it's all good. I'll listen to anything from Bob Dylan to System of a down, but my first choice'll usually be whatever currently rocks. I believe every good classic rock song deserves a good new rock cover, because I frankly believe that the classics are kicking the crap out of what's out there today, but the sound that's out there today is heavier and could do the classics some good. lastly I'm quite the poet, kinduva sap because of it, and I hope to be teaching english someday.


so. that's me. catch u on the flipside peoples.


PS: is my sig too big ;)

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Hi, my name is Smoke Tetsu, but most people just call me Tetsu.


I've been a LONG time arcade games, and emulation fan but this is the first time I have come and posted here.


I like most fighting games and like to try new ones, but my favorites are the King of Fighters series, Samurai showdown, Street Fighter, etc. :P


I've been into the Neo Geo since it first came out and it's my favorite system to emulate.


I also like first person shooters and other action games a lot.

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