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  1. Mass Effect 2 is going to be a must buy for me. It's really the only thing I'm looking forward to this year.
  2. Memento Some parts were quite confusing, but great film. Ton of loose knots that you'll never see the solution to.
  3. From what I can tell from friends, it's pretty slow in the beginning, but it picks up after a few levels and quests. I just think that gun randomization thing is pretty cool.
  4. If you're studying I suggest a good study group. Good as in no one dicks around or leeches off other people's work. I find it helpful to discuss material with other peers who are serious about it. Just talking about the material will show how much you understood it, with other peers, they might reveal information that could prove to be helpful for the test or paper. Then again this only works for certain classes for me at least, with math it's a bit different but if you stick to good study groups you'll definitely find someone who's very knowledgeable about the material.
  5. Just joystiq. Never bothered with the other sites.
  6. 9 It was alright, way too short but had cool visuals. I expected more out of Tim Burton.
  7. Me wants. Uncharted 2 caught my interest so I need one asap.
  8. Fallout 3 Every time you load a save, there's always something to do that'll keep you interested.
  9. I remember going to my cousins house to find that he bought a dreamcast when it just came out. Power stone blew me away and I played it for hours while he was in class.
  10. In my experiences she's never been in the way when shooting or doing puzzles. You can even tell her to do simple commands like stay put. If you're still uneasy with the ai then just play co-op, the game's way better when you do.
  11. Already copped it at 20 bucks for the 360. Good deal nonetheless.
  12. Quake live. Anyone else play? I like how they included the expansion pack in the game as well.
  13. Good to hear you're well. What did you think of all the pre-req training?
  14. What do you recommend? That's all they ever have here.
  15. I think it's just speculation right now, although anything could come from Microsoft. Right now I just have my sights on that ps3 slim and all the games I barely get to play.
  16. It's good to hear what you want in life, hope you accomplish your goals. Grey Goose is the way to go...
  17. With this new version coming out I'm strongly thinking of picking one up. Just the fact that it's a ps3 that's 300 bucks is good enough for me. Sure it doesn't have BC, but I haven't gotten a chance many ps3 games that I wanted to play ever since I've had my 360. Coolest thing is that it comes out next month.
  18. Learning the basics to SFIV. Anyone want to kick my ass? hit me up on xbl. Also the occasional Quake live. No gibs kinda sucks.
  19. Being a college student, I don't have much time to think about anteing up my cooking skills. So far I've eaten most of the things you've listed. Recently however rice and meat has been going well.
  20. I used to be fairly fanatic, yet laziness just took over. I too got agitated when missing covers to albums showed up or if the resolution was off and looked weird on the mp3 player screen. I just got too tired of looking up all the information, making sure the tracks were correct, and finally inserting them into the mp3 only to have them played like twice in the long run.
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