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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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Hey there everyone. Been tuning into these forums for quite a while now. Decided to do my part and join <_<. Well i am Moji and i've been into emulation for a long long time (my computers always sucked though :lol: ) But NOW the world is mine bwahahahahahahah. Seeya

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Im glad that I see this forum


this is the best emu forum I see all over the net


Ive been searching the best emu forum


I think I found it now....this is the best


let me introduce myself


Im jun


18 years old


my real name is francis


if you are wondering y jun coz Im born on june 1...lol


Im also a mod on diff forums


like utopia and warezhackers and c2k3 (warez forum)


I really like this forum


a lot


Im looking forwar to participate here



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Go figure, I start posting on this forum and I did'nt even know that there was a proper way to introduce myself. Well short & sweet, I'm a big fan of fighting games (with the exception of metal slug) and I'm currently living on Okinawa, Japan. I've been monitoring this forum for a few days, and decided that this is not half bad. I picked the name Uminchu because its Okinawan and I'm not really original with names. I'm a big fan of Juzoh from Last Blade, which is why he's my Avatar. But I really just want to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in the forum. Thanks!!

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I am shingo ^^ i also found this site on a svc hunt and to my surprise found alot of samsho info.. all in all this site is very useful and i come here bout every day for checking up..i like about every game for neogeo and i have been in it for 4 yrs now

.... remember, shingo loves u!

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I don't usually do introduction posts, but what the hell....


My name is Agozer and I've been keeping on eye on these forums for quite a while now. I have been in the emulation scene for about 5 years now and by far, Neo-Geo and the SNES are closest to my heart at the moment.

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