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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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Hey, I've been getting info from you guys for ever, but I finally registered a couple days ago, to ask a few questions. You guys are usually very helpfull. I'll help anyway I can too.

Welcome. I hope you feel right at home here. :unsure:

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Hi, the name's Random Guy (ps if anyone is interested I got that name from two of my favourite works - Random from Snatcher (Sega CD) and -guy from Family Guy my favourite cult cartoon.)


Two or three years ago I had a master system, amiga and super nintendo emulator on my computer. Now I have emulators for Game Gear, Game Boy + Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, Master System, Mega Drive +32x & SegaCD, Sega Saturn, Neo Geo (etc) Arcade, NES, SNES, N64, 3DO, Playstation, Commodore Amiga, and a multi-emulator which emulates everything from the Amstrad CPC (and something called the AdventureVision) to the ZN Spectrum!

I even have emulators for the GameCube, Dreamcast, PS2 and XBox, even though I don't have any games for those systems, just to see if I could get the boot-up screens to work (I couldn't-I think you need a disc image or executable to try :P:).


I've already been through the request any rom section seeing which roms I could help you guys find (although I have DC++ I prefer HTTP downloads, a lot harder to find but heaps faster). Also I know a lot about emulators. Actually, maybe I should reorder that phrase, I know about a lot (of) emulators. I have very little technical knowledge, I just plug and play. But if you need me to help you find the right emulator for you, I'd be happy to help! Also if you need help finding a game PM me and I'll tell you if I can help.


Okay I'll stop babbling now ;) see ya guys :(

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