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  1. * SSF PreviewVer R14 [Sega Saturn] - http://aaaaaaaa.g2.xrea.com/ssf/files/ * WinArcadia 26.3 [s2650-based] - http://amigan.1emu.net/releases/ * mGBA 0.8.1 [GBA] - https://mgba.io/ * Applewin [AppleII] - https://github.com/AppleWin/AppleWin/releases * Bletchmame 1.8 [Frontend] - https://www.bletchmame.org/
  2. Robert

    Changes for MESSUI

    The next release of MESSUI is expected to be 0.220 on or about the 25th of March. It will no longer contain all of MESS; it will be filtered to only contain systems that have been tested to work. The filtering will be done by source code, so even if only one system in that source works, all systems will be included. Further filtering - the system must start up, with working screen and inputs. If the system requires a disk to boot with, a suitable disk must be included in the software list. If the system has BASIC, then it will be included as long as I can type PRINT 123 and get the correct response. If the system is a machine-language monitor or debugger, it must be able to produce readable output to a data dump command or similar (usually D command). If the system is a trainer (usually just 6 LED digits), it must be able to respond as designed. Systems that require mechanical attachments to work (car computers, washing machines, etc) will be omitted. Systems that work but don't actually do anything will be omitted. Some systems are quite complex - if it takes me more than a minute, and I haven't got anywhere, then it will be left out. I don't have all day. Now, it's very likely I will make mistakes, usually because I don't understand a particular system, or just an oversight. All comments are welcome, especially if you know how to get something to work. Sometimes a system doesn't work because of a regression - but check with official MAME first. The command-line version, mess64.exe, will continue to include all systems, working or not.
  3. Robert

    ARCADE 0.218

    You are mistaken, they are all there.
  4. * SDLMAME 0.218 for Ubuntu - http://sdlmame.wallyweek.org/download/ * Emma 02 v1.35 [cosmac-related] - https://www.emma02.hobby-site.com/download.html * Ootake 2.95 [TG16/PCE] - http://www.ouma.jp/ootake/ * Classic99 399.016 [ti99/4a] - http://www.harmlesslion.com/cgi-bin/onesoft.cgi?1 * Cemu 1.17.1 [Wii-U] - http://cemu.info/ * ScummVM 2.1.1 - https://www.scummvm.org/downloads/
  5. Robert

    MAMEUI 0.218

    OK, been fixed for 0.219 To clarify how multiple swpaths work - Multiple paths ONLY work for the SW Files tab. Everywhere else (Media view, Newui, official Mame) - only the first path is used, the remainder being ignored.
  6. Robert

    MAMEUI 0.218

    Yes you are right. I'll work on that now. The reason it worked before is because the 2nd and subsequent folder was totally ignored in the SW Files tab. When that was fixed, seems this other bug appeared.
  7. MAME 0.218 was released * Official - https://mamedev.org/release.html * ARCADE64 - http://arcade.mameworld.info/ * MAMEUI64 - http://www.mameui.info/ Other releases * Cemu 1.17.0e [Wii-U] - http://cemu.info/ * SSF PreviewVer R13 [Sega Saturn] - http://aaaaaaaa.g2.xrea.com/ssf/files/ * Mesen 0.9.9 [NES] - https://www.mesen.ca/ * Emulicious (2020-02-02) [Multi-system] - http://emulicious.net/news/ * Steem SSE 4.0.1 [Atari ST] - https://sourceforge.net/projects/steemsse/rss?path=/ * Applewin [Apple II] - https://github.com/AppleWin/AppleWin/releases * OpenEmu 2.2.1 - https://github.com/OpenEmu/OpenEmu/releases * ZXDS 2.0.1 [Sinclair emulator for the 3DS/3DS] - http://zxds.raxoft.cz/
  8. Robert

    ARCADE 0.218

    lexizeus is a MESS console - not an arcade game. That's why it isn't included. bigcsino is part of the source code statriv2.cpp - the filtering is done by source code. This source also includes some rather useless trivia games and a hangman game. If you're happy to lose all of that, then yes, statriv2.cpp can be removed. It's up to you though.
  9. Official MAME 0.218 has been released.
  10. The person who does the release is feeling a bit under the weather, so it will be done when it gets done - whenever that will be. Also, there will no longer be a 32-bit official release. If someone wants to make a 32-bit build, you can link to it here. Please specify if your build will or not work on XP.
  11. Robert

    ARCADE 0.218

    ARCADE 64 0.218 is released. Download location: https://arcade.mameworld.info/ Changes: - Not sure, because this intolerable heat has fried my brains. If anyone wants to make a 32-bit build please link them here.
  12. Robert

    MAMEUI 0.218

    MAMEUI 0.218 is released. https://messui.1emulation.com/ https://arcade.mameworld.info/messui There were some changes but I've forgotten what they were - I've had rather a lot on my mind with the wildfires and the terrible heat and humidity. I've had to disable the creation of CPU.ini - it seems that one of the 6 new CPUs created this month in Mame is faulty. This issue caused MameUI to crash at start. If anyone wants to make a 32-bit build, please post the links here in this thread.
  13. * Cemu 1.17.0d [Wii-U] - http://cemu.info/ * EightyOne 1.16 [Sinclair] - https://sourceforge.net/projects/eightyone-sinclair-emulator/rss?path=/ * mGBA 0.8.0 [GBA] - https://mgba.io/ * Applewin [AppleII] - https://github.com/AppleWin/AppleWin/releases * Wine 5.0 [Windows emulator for Unix] - https://www.winehq.org/ * RomVault 3.0.49 [Rom Manager] - https://www.romvault.com/
  14. * Simcoupe 20200117 [Sam Coupe] - https://github.com/simonowen/simcoupe/releases * Attractmode 2.6.1 [Frontend] - http://attractmode.org/ * dgVoodoo 2.63.1 [Plugin] - http://dege.freeweb.hu/index.html
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