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  1. Letting everyone know, that as from this commit, https://github.com/mamedev/mame/commit/9ce44fa048793de5e14d1e7af98e8b5ca148d0f3 MAME and all its derivatives will no longer function on XP. The absolute minimum, even with the 32-bit builds, will be Vista.
  2. Robert

    ARCADE 0.244

    You need to read the note in the first post.
  3. Robert

    ARCADE 0.244

    It was, because I couldn't get the game to run. But I figured it out now, so it will be back next month.
  4. MESS, MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.244 are released. https://messui.1emulation.com/ https://arcade.mameworld.info/messui MESSUI has had all the MESS systems added back, except those that freeze or crash. After this, the major reason for crashes will be the use of unacceptable floppy disk images which instead of giving a harmless message, can bring the whole thing down. Unfortunately this behaviour is outside of my control. Also, there's been the occasional request for GCC 10.1, which it seems has generally become unavailable. I've added a download link on the above sites for you to get 10.1 should you wish to compile your own MESSUI, MAMEUI or HBMAMEUI. The command-line MESS or HBMAME should (in theory) build with the current mamedev GCC 11.2 . We don't recommend anything later than the mamedev GCC, as there seems to be some strange bugs in the newest versions.
  5. Robert

    ARCADE 0.244

    ARCADE64 0.244 is released. Download location: https://arcade.mameworld.info/ There's been some cleaning up for this month. All the broken stuff that snuck in has been removed. Also, more poker and mahjong games have been deactivated. These may return next month depending on the results of the survey (which closes on June 15). If you haven't voted, do it now! For those who compile their own, the new file arcade.txt defines which sources to include - much like messui.txt does for messui. You'll need to update your build script, or you'll get lots of link errors.
  6. https://hbmame.1emulation.com/ What's new in HBMAME ==================== 2022-05-25 0.244 Added artwork for Man-Pac. New Games --------------------------------- - [dinore] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Readjusted v1.0) - [dkchrte] Donkey Kong Christmas Tournament Edition - [dkongte] Donkey Kong Tournament Edition - [dkspkyte] Donkey Kong Spooky Tournament Edition - [dksprfin] Donkey Kong Springfinity v1.01 (2022-04-29) - [mhavocpex81] Major Havoc - The Promised End (v0.81) - [mslugunity] Metal Slug Unity - [mslug2unity] Metal Slug 2 Unity - [mslug3unity] Metal Slug 3 Unity - [mslug4unity] Metal Slug 4 Unity - [mslug5ast] Metal Slug Asteroids - [mslug5unity] Metal Slug 5 Unity - [mslugxunity] Metal Slug X Unity - [sfa2us05] Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Unlock Hidden Characters) - [sfz3mix11] Street Fighter Zero 3 (Mix 0.11) - [sfz3mix] Street Fighter Zero 3 (Mix 0.12) - [teot] The Eye of Typhoon (Tsunami Edition, beta 4, 2022-05-07) Plus, for this month only, Marble Madness II has been included, before it goes into MAME 0.245 .
  7. The default has been changed to ini. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. Robert

    ARCADE64 0.243

    He's put in a fix for perfrman, can someone check it? I'm not at home currently.
  9. Robert

    ARCADE64 0.243

    Seems like the responsible person has taken a business trip and may not get back in time. So, if perfrman is important to you, one of you could come up with a temporary TESTED fix, and I can add it to Arcade during the freeze period.
  10. * WinArcadia 28.7 [s2650-based] - https://amigan.yatho.com/ * VB81_XuR (2022-05-17) [Sinclair] - http://zx81.vb81.free.fr/ * Classic99 v399.058b [T.I.99/4A] - http://www.harmlesslion.com/cgi-bin/onesoft.cgi?1 * Ares v128 [Multi-system] - https://ares-emu.net/download * GameEx 18.04 [Frontend] (now free) - https://www.gameex.com/news/
  11. Robert

    Arcade Survey

    Yes that is correct. Mechanical games can never be played properly and so will never be included.
  12. Robert

    Arcade Survey

    Letting you know this poll will close on June 15. In the meantime I've gone through the list and removed most of the broken stuff that had sneaked in over the last few years. I've also removed most of the mahjong, poker etc so you can see what it would be like if you said no to everything. The June release (0.245) will take the vote into account, so many things may come back (depending on the voting results).
  13. @hexaae your bug report has been closed. If you use the -verbose switch in MAME, you'll see a line where it says that shaders have been disabled because prescale != 1. In other words, it's by design. I don't blame you for not knowing, because it isn't documented anywhere, and in the GUI builds there's no notification anyway.
  14. Robert

    ARCADE64 0.243

    I mentioned this to the responsible person and he said he's hoping to get it fixed before the next release. So let's see if that works out.
  15. Before submitting bugs to mame devs, make sure your problem can be reproduced on standard MAME as available at mamedev.org . Submitting bugs that don't exist in normal MAME is not allowed.
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