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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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Hi I am DoubleDragon (lol not really but its one of my absolute favourite games of all time). I am a gaming fanatic. If its out, i've more than likely played it. I am into all types of games, especially classics. A great game is a great game regardless of its time is my belief. I am also into sports, mainly hockey, basketball and soccer.

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whatup, heres what im all about

14, newyork, m,

likes 2d fighters, old games, computers, art,anime, guilty gear series

dislikes- kids who think games are all about graphics, people who cant do a hadouken motion(dunno why but ive been doing it since i got a sega when i was like 6 dunno why people find it hard to do) people who like snood over bust a move.


check out my small gallery


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I've only been registered for a lil bit now, but I'm loving these forums. It seems everyone is actually willing to help each other instead of flaming them which happens to be rare for me to see. ;]


Magnis, I'll have to try out your dc server sometime. What is the minimum share on it btw? *Hopes it's not 20GB*


Anyways, glad to have found this place.

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hi I am darkstar

I allways go to this site to checkout whats going in the emulation world.this site is awsome.The one other thing I do besides use my computer is go skateboarding.I pretty good at it.I love to play metalslug.well thats all I can think of for now...

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