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  1. well, i will be there time and again for business trips. and yeah, it is a small place, but nice air and more greens
  2. I will be there from May 21st to 27th. anyone want to meet?
  3. Maybe GC finally reveal his mugshot
  4. No way! Did he get married in China? yeah, let him post here, but i think he is busy haha
  5. i'll stop coming here since this site is linking to googleaps or something, making it hard for me to access from China
  6. Same here, I've just about giving up looking. I'm not giving up yet, but the job market been in really bad shape over her efor a long time. Furthermore, I really have no interest in coding, so that narrows my employment options considerably. Come to China
  7. Added, and lol, yangguizi Mine: pandashay
  8. Are you still living in China? Are you working there? When did you propose? So many questions and such an awesome revelation! Congratulations man!! for sure he is in China, and enjoying life as what i can see on his update. get his wechat! ryan, your wechat!!!
  9. Everything goes up in price there, even wages but cost of living reduces any raise in wage. Did you notice there arnt many "english people" in London? HAHA, yes, you are right a lot of indians as far as i can see. But saying that, Indian food in London is quite good i tried out a few of "local" delicacies like beff wellington, lobster burger etc. very nice!
  10. Back from London. sorry i couldnt meet up with you Ems. but as you said, London is an expensive place
  11. preparing to go London next week!!
  12. that's too bad i will also need to go somewhere called Enfield for the wedding reception, wherever the hell that is.
  13. well, better luck in 4 years time
  14. i said I MISS the Toronto trip, as in, i didnt make it to the trip. I would have post the same thing here if I am going to Toronto
  15. yeah, attending a friend's wedding, but have plenty of time to hang out and chill. i miss the Toronto trip last year
  16. So, anyone from here that stays near London that would like to meet up?
  17. Drinking, watching X-men: Days of Future Past, sleeping, more Skyrim, more God of War
  18. If by some miracle my building work idea pulls off i could meet up no problem buddy. I forsee another spell of being skint again though buddy. Like I said I can't give work away at the moment. For sure, we can connect again before the time comes
  19. i am going to be in London in end Aug. we can meet up if you can, Ems
  20. Happy birthday Paul and Jitway!
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