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  2. On the subject of hacks there is one which enables the lights on and off graphical effects for Elevator Action 2 aka Elevator Action Returns which are missing in current MAME last time i checked. I dunno if you already support that code in this project.?? but it might be worth looking at the shmupmame sources if you dont. I know FBN dev added it several years back. Regards
  3. Can we not have 4 ARCADE updates a year as 6mths worth of adding roms will be a lot as 3mths won't be as much but totally up to you i'm happy your gonna make it work still. Thanks
  4. Tiny request. Can you change Primal Rage 2 as "Not Working" to "Working in yellow"? It works anyways.
  5. MAMEUI + MESSUI are ended, it was good back in the ages when arcade was great. But now HBMAMEUI and ARCADEUI will continue? I hope so, because it still need a few versions left to make Naomi, NeoGeo64, Alek 64, Konami games, Namco Games, Sega Model, and a few from Kaneko and others need to be fixed in the future. Total 876 games in total doesn´t work yet, but a few are not Arcade eventually, it could be less. Thanks. 😀
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  7. Love this Robert as there out in the world anyway. pmsl Hack #24 we will keep for now. If the holder wishes to send a request (friendly or C&D) then it will be removed. I like official paperwork.
  8. StHiryu

    ARCADE64 0.248.0

    ARCADE32 0.248 32bit avaliable (Xp compatible). Download from: RETRODANUART GOOGLEDRIVE
  9. MESS, MESSUI, MAME AND MAMEUI 0.248 32bit avaliable (Xp compatible). Download from: RETRODANUART GOOGLEDRIVE
  10. HBMAME and HBMAMEUI 0.245.6 32bit avaliable (Xp compatible). Download from: RETRODANUART GOOGLEDRIVE
  11. So, that's it - another monumental task out of the way. Unless something wonderful happens in the arcade side of MAME, the next release is planned for Christmas, and then every 6 months thereafter.
  12. Hack #3 has resolved itself - it seems it was some kind of git problem. Hack #15 has been checked - kept about half of them. Hack #23 has been removed. It uses a CHD which I never had, so no idea how that got in there. Hack #24 we will keep for now. If the holder wishes to send a request (friendly or C&D) then it will be removed. I like official paperwork.
  13. No idea about HACK#3, never touched those files during my activity. HACK#23: why extra buttons added? Though you can keep it. Again, it's not something I did. HACK#24: I'm for keep the extra CV1K games. If there will be very few new releases of ARCADE, depending by how it will go MAME Development, it should be not a problem have these extra games supported. HACK#15: as I said, these are all visible area changes and I don't remember which issues they fix. If they are really needed or not it's opinable. If we keep NEOGEO 304x224 hack, we should keep these too, for consistency.
  14. @mamesickthanks for the info. Changes have been made accordingly. The number of neogeo sprites has been changed to 236, which is the same as HBMAME. The CPS-1 background has been changed to be always black. So, now we are left with just a few which I will need to investigate - 3, 15, 23, 24.
  15. I went to the old mameuifx site and had a look at the list of MT bugs listed there, hoping to match them with our list of hacks. One link was broken, and almost all of the others have been closed. In the end, it wasn't much use.
  16. Hah, so Haze broke it and ran away from his responsibilities. No doubt he'll somehow blame us for his screwup.
  17. I do like the comment in https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=6970 "Four years passed and nobody looked into this. " So strange when the fix it right there. pmsl
  18. MAMETesters reference for DBREED: https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=6970 MAMETesters reference for NEBULRAY: (see comments about slow drawing sprites) https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=2124
  19. Update on HACK#25: the Haze code is better. You can keep only the code in NAMCOB1_V.CPP file, the code commented out in the IRQ routine can go away without problems.
  20. MAME 0.248 was released * Official - https://mamedev.org/release.html * ARCADE64 - https://arcade.mameworld.info/ * MESS, MESSUI - https://messui.1emulation.com/ * MAMEUI - http://www.mameui.info/ * NegaMAME - http://babelsoft.net/products/negamame.htm Other * Applewin [Apple II] - https://github.com/AppleWin/AppleWin/releases * Xebra/Arbex (2022-09-24) [PSX] - http://drhell.web.fc2.com/ps1/index.html * Q-emuLator 3.5 [Sinclair] - http://www.terdina.net/ql/winql.html * Rom Properties 2.0 [Rom Manager] - https://github.com/GerbilSoft/rom-properties/releases * GameEx 18.25 [Front-end] - https://www.gameex.com/news/
  21. Heck, how many still around. I'll try to give more info, for the moment: HACK#25: this avoids terrible slowdown in some levels in Nebulas Ray. There is a MAMETesters bug. HACK#28: could be removed, it was a personal nitpick made 15 years ago at least. HACK#26: could be removed, except for SPRITE PER LINE change which avoids a lot of gfx bugs in ZEDBLADE, SHOCK TROOPERS 2 and more. I guess final decision it's up to you though HACK#4: default volume in official MAME is too low. This makes a lot of games that uses that sound chip sounds much better. HACK#13: the black/white hack should be kept for VARTH and clones only, it avoids the brown screen when the CAPCOM logo appears which is ugly. With the hack is black. Again, it's nitpicking, feel free to remove it. HACK#15: no idea what to do, most of them were made by Haynor666 during the glorious days of MAMEUIFX HACK#18: dbreed is bugged in official MAME. There's a MAMETester bug. With these change, which is correct and not an hack, the bug goes away. It was broken by a Developer (maybe Haze) and never fixed even if I posted the change over at MAMETesters a while ago. HACK#19: remove. I don't recall why I changed it. HACK#20: another visual nitpick, with the hack METAMRPH looks better in some places. HACK#21: hack to reduce the brightness (or gamma) in NEMESIS, this was requested by some users (a long time ago) that think that in official MAME it's too bright and disturbing for the eyes. HACK#22: remove, Aaron Giles changes fixed it That's all.
  22. We know what it's for and it's fine, it isn't going away.
  23. You added Samurai showdown perfect to ARCADE as well so is that classed as a hack ?
  24. Hack #28 for certain games, the screen is repositioned: megablst, megablstu, megablstj, finalb, finalbu, finalbj src/mame/taito/tc0100scn.cpp DECISION: removed
  25. Hack #27 - Hack code that is commented out and needs to be removed to make it the same as MAME src/mame/sega/segac2.cpp DECISION: removed - Experimental code that needs to be removed src/mame/shared/dcs.cpp src/mame/shared/dcs.h src/mame/midway/pinball2k.cpp DECISION: to be removed later - none of this is enabled anyway
  26. Hack #26 - changes to the order of sprite writing src/mame/neogeo/midas.cpp src/mame/neogeo/neogeo_spr.cpp DECISION: KEEP - The max number of sprites per line is increased src/mame/neogeo/neogeo_spr.cpp DECISION: changed to 236, same as HBMAME - Numerous alterations to the default screen width src/mame/neogeo/neogeo.cpp DECISION: KEEP
  27. Hack #25 A number of changes to the interrupt routines src/mame/namco/namcob1.cpp src/mame/namco/namcob1_v.cpp DECISION: KEEP (the commented-out line in namcob1.cpp has been removed)
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