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  1. Merry xmas / happy holidays. Enjoy the festive season and stay safe.
  2. oh hai. w8 is that gc posting 500000 words posts wtf?

    1. Alpha


      can you dig it? lol ... glad to see you back!!

    2. emsley
    3. emsley


      ha its like waiting for a bus and three come at once.

  3. 5 Days late but R.I.P. to this guy who contributed alot to the computing world.
  4. Still platting FFXIII. Played through Mafia II Playing Duke Nukem Forever
  5. I still remember the day i found out that you guys were banning people for one day, and I was banning people for a week. Good times.
  6. Thread necro Suikoden 1 on Ps3. Hooked on this game. Almost done with it. Just got to find time to gather the rest of the characters.
  7. http://dod.bossies.org/ Has some great vg mixes on there too. Just not sorted since its a competition.
  8. Played through hitman 1 - frustrating old game. Going through Prince of persia warrior within. Question for Agozer. Suikoden 1 on sale for psn. Worth it? Reviews good from other sites; just figured you played it.
  9. Now and then there and there. This anime is damn emo/dark/depressing. Man.
  10. Yeah. Took me forever and a day to beat that boss, though. Two forms, and a few dozen "weak point" cores. Fuck the one that's attached to it's back. Its triple laser sweep move is also pretty nasty. Yeah my only fault with the game is you run out of ammo pretty damn fast. Beat the boss with barely ammo left and I'm like if this last mg clip doesn't do it fuck.
  11. Vanquish demo was awesome. Mass effect was good. Empire earth 3 was shit. Now playing Hitman 1
  12. In School. Looking for work. Having fun.
  13. I was gonna visit Mooney, but I felt like a creepy guy doing it so I canceled. Don't tell him
  14. Finally went through the HL2 series to see what all the praise was about. Was a good game(s). Puzzles seemed too easy/obvious.
  15. Maybe I'm used to taking punishment in mvc or street fighter; just kinda silly to me to be able to counter during a 6 hit combo or what not.
  16. Im with solidius on this one. Hate the idiotic counter system sometimes but I'm all for more fighting games.
  17. hes one of our resident "chiggas" and fighting game fanatic. All you need to know.
  18. Friending you on ps3 so you can kick my ass at mvc2. Jk Welcome back. And team sleepy dragon? Where'd Team Ribhouse go
  19. As I was telling Aki the other day, I still haven't seen Pulp fiction, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Casablanca, etcetcetc. Still haven't played Half life 2. I'll get to it eventually and idc.
  20. ?? Anyways, almost done with Last Remnant. Good game but damage is fucked for the most part (Poison and counters do too much damage)
  21. Traitor to the LoL Scene. I'll grab it later as I don't feel like dling 2 gigs atm. I played this back when it was a ut2004 mod and it is hard. (There is limited ammo, respawn and Friendly fire).
  22. Played through Overlord. Fun but minion gimmicks get annoying. Going through Last Remnant now.
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