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  1. Hope everyone and their family is safe
  2. Holy crap! You got married too? Big congrats to you as well! How did you guys meet? Is she white/indian/mexican/african/asian/other? She is an indian girl. I met her through my best friend who was dating one of her best friends so it all fell into place. All very convenient lol. Well played Gryph. Thanks dude. How've you been? Congrats dude.
  3. Whoa congrats Fatal Rose. I too got married last year. It's strange lol. Never thought it'd happen.
  4. I'm finishing this phase of training and moving onto the next one in a few months. Glad to see so many veterans still around.
  5. I'm currently playing through it and loving it.
  6. I'll likely get the PS4 first. What I've seen so far of it is pretty appealing. I'm eagerly awaiting the next Xbox reveal conference. I'm sure it's going to be an interesting device and will stand up to the PS4 quite well but I just hope it doesn't require Kinect to be connected at all times or require a constant internet connection to play games as the current rumors are going.
  7. I can't figure out how to reply. Windows 8 messaging is pretty annoying! I'm glad I was home when you sent that message since I saw all the other ones you sent before. Sorry, I've been a bad 1emuer
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