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"Hi! I'm new here!"

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Here is the thread where you get to introduce yourself if your new to the forum. Please keep it to 1 post when you introduce yourself. Anyways I guess I better introduce myself. :o


I am the owner of this organization (business)/ site. 1Emulation has been around a little more than a year. We have always been known to keep things at LEGAL grounds. We have gone through a ton of obstacle courses. From users who want to kill us and tear us to pieces on other forums, to being known to have the nicest staff in any emulation site. If you ever thought of the bad stuff you have gone through having a site, I don't think it can match ours. We have had hardware failures, ruthless spam attacks from users who would falsely accuse us of stuff, and hackings. We even had to undergo downtimes to get back on track at times. After sVc Chaos was released, we finally became known! So it has been really a matter of people giving us a chance to show ourselves for once. We use to be quite a dead forum with only about 10-15 new posts a day. Now it has greatly increased, as well as the users.


As for me, since I basically just introduced the site, I'd call myself a damn hard worker when it comes to this site. I really do care about this site and the people who help us run it because if it wasn't for any of you guys, we would have been done about a year ago. I'm a person who will keep running this site until I mentally can't anymore, that's how much I care about it. If you ever see webmaster's on other forums, they trash talk the users and right away represent them as "n00bs". I think that is the most stupidest thing a webmaster can do. We have to give people chances in order to grow the emulation scene bigger. Unfortunately many sites are just too money filthy and think too much about themselves to give a damn about the "People" anymore. That's what our modo is all about.. "The People's Emulation Board!" :)B)

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Hello I'm...pretty much brand new here lol. I go by the moniker of Ghostie both on youtube (GhostsAreCool which is my...very first account there, and also on TheEngagedGamers youtube page, where I som

Welcome ROB

First things first, thank you GameCop for this wonderful Forum. This place has a lof of useful information.


I am 2eyez. I live in NC but i'm orginally from Fresno,CA. I got into emulation about a year ago adn i'm still learning.

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Hello, I'm Lord Kanti, and I'm and FLCL addict.

I've been on the emulators for a few years now, I use them every day.

I emulate NES SNES Genesis and GBA.  And I'm cool. Yeah.

Yes you are cool! :(


Come one come all welcome to the show. :P

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discovered this fantastic board while googling for SVC. Discovered emulation years ago when searching for stuff for my SNES copier (anyone still remember what these are?). Currently using NeoRageX, ZSnes and Gens. PM me if you like to trade stuff. :(

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Unfortunattely many sites are just too money filthy and think too much about themselves to give a damn about the "People" anymore. That's what our modo is all about.. "The People's Emulation Board!"  ;)  :P

awww how sweet, we love you too cop! :(

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Hi i'' m new


Well, some more info in my sig :o


Decent Presentation :


Forename :....erm...darn I forgot!!!

Last name : HUH?!!! Didn't know I had one !

Age : between 18 and 95 : p

Sex : Male....I guess :P

Favourite fighting games characters : Iori, Iori, Iori, Iori, Iori, Iori [..] and...KEN : p

Favourite games : kof 2k1, mvc, aaaand samsho5, though I don't have it yet, but I'm pretty much sure it's a ge$$er/: p

General Interests : hum, a part from emulation and sex......nothing I guess.

Favourite smiley : :P this one's teh $hEEZ!!

Favourite quote : eat chEEze sucker!!!


Random remark : 'Sup all, happy to be here!

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