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  1. Thanks man but the auction finished Is there any links to download it from? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> gb2/google/ Now I wish I could sage threads like these. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> WTF are you on about K'Dash?
  2. Thanks man but the auction finished Is there any links to download it from?
  3. The link is not working for me Anyways, this is a very strange site....
  4. I gotta pick this up for the Xbox but I cannot be stuffed to pay $100 for this. I will get it when it drops in price
  5. I am trying to look for a song by an Australian Band called "The Testeagles"...the songs name is "Underdog" The albums name is Non Comprehendus Thanks in advance guys
  6. IMHO it is an awesome idea by Nintendo as this sets their version of the game apart from the other consoles. You only have to see the sales of the NGC version of Soul Calibur 2 compared to the other versions to see that the NGC one sold far better.
  7. Thanks FreshyK It is a real biatch especially when we get guests with little punk kids who think they are l33t and they try to hack the system + they keep on getting viruses etc while they look at porn or try to download illegal software....But I teach them a lesson by getting access to their laptop and bring a message up on the screen saying that they have been detected in an unauthorized area..the police have been notified...they usually crap their pants and get their parents to talk with me...
  8. Pssh, try networking a handful of servers running 4 different variants off linux while using a windows machine to ping them all just to check if their even on the same vpn. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hahahahaha trust me when I say that networking is simple....although the webserver component gets more complex it is still quite easy if break the problem down into simpler problems. PS...I am currently running a network through my parents entire hotel, which is 20 storys tall and I had to do the cabling because the damn builder used the wrong cables...We have machines that are running linux, windows, unix etc and then I have to ensure that all of the guests computers that they bring with them are working fine with the network and ensure the security of all of the computers hooked up to the network + maintain the security for the wireless connections...
  9. Man....networking is weak....I know 10 year olds who know how to network their computers etc....
  10. WTF...your only 14 and you are worried that you will be to old to become a game developer if you don't become one soon? I don't understand your logic.... Its great that you have the will to accomplish your dream but your making it sound as if your about to die or something... You still properly haven't hit puberty yet and your already stressing? Man I can just amagine you when you hit high school let alone university.... Your time will come...as the old saying goes Good things come to those that wait
  11. They should rename Duke Nukem Forever to Duke Nukem Never Gonna Be Released
  12. Don't waste your time with networking classes unless you want an easy grade...its a waste of time. I had to do it in my first year of university and after about 1 week I stopped going ot class and just worked on the assignments and exams and ended up getting a high distinction...
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