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  1. 'tis true... we also use gas lamps and get around by horse n cart he he
  2. Well, I'm guessing you're not in the UK, but there is a superb site over here that offers modchips, with a great after sales support forum too. Perhaps they do shipping to the US? I know it may be more expensive, but I figure it may be worth it for the support? anyway the site is premodded.com Even if you don't wanna buy from there, the forum is worth a look.
  3. Glitch, thats one sweet ass skin... What do u use to create the backrounf flame effect type thing...?
  4. Oops, I never meant to leave the ghozt text in that one... Damn! I'll sort both points out by 2morrow (sigh)! I have no idea why it doesn't show, I thought i'd leave it in there anyway...as they say "if it ain't broke don't fix it" Thanks for the comments.
  5. Hi guys. You may have noticed in my previous thread that there were problems with some (if not all) of the skins..bad positioning, too noisy etc. I think I have rectified this with the release of my skinpack. I can only host this for a couple of days, so if anyone else can upload the zip, that would be cool. If the respose is positive I will do another pack very soon. Re:Spec to Lantus, Tmaul, N3oghost, Dark and all who contribute to da scene... Thanks, and enjoy the skins. Download my skinpack here Here is what you get: Please note the word "ghozt" is removed from the skins in the pack, as not everyone uses his complie, and those who do should/will respect him anyway!
  6. I've removed it altogether.. I think most pple who use your compile know/respect u anyways. OK guys..all links to the skins here are unfortunatey removed (host issues). However if you check my new "skinpack" thread, you will find 1 download there (4 final multi-image skins all new) which will be online for just a couple of days. Anyone who wants to host the skinpack, please do! Peace -Raz.
  7. 2 New multi-image Skins! This time they are tried and tested and I like the format. I will follow up today with revised Terry, Mai, Ken and Ryu skins. Enjoy. -Raz Clash of the Titans This is the main screen This is the loading/menu screen Iori Yagami This is the main screen This is the loading/menu screen Skin removed, try my skinpack here
  8. Yup. I hear you..think of my previous skins as betas! I have two new multi-screen skins for you all tomorrow and they are both a lot better, as im sure you will agree. Now if only i could remove that damn cube...
  9. Yeah... I have a bunch of skins im gonna repost tomorrow.. I've just done a pretty sweet Rugal/Akuma skin too which changes on the load/menu screen. Problem is, I have just reinstalled windows at home and have not had the chance to set up my system, and as a result, i cannot upload my zipped skins til tomorrow... There will be some reconfigured skins, plus some new ones online around 10 am GMT...
  10. Goenitz... Dude, if you check the posts you will there are download links
  11. Thanks for the crit Dugfreez... I will amend the images asap... I had it in my mind that the preview graphic was layered above the preview images themselves.... I see now that this is not the case, so yeah, a solid bar would be best. I'll remove the "preview" text too.
  12. Hmm..would love to know how to do that.. Is it simple.ini editing (as in evox) or is it complex progamming stuff??? I hate that bloody cube! Grrrrrrr.
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