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  1. I actually had Covid last year.
  2. She just joined to gain attention. Never intended to actually be a frequent poster
  3. To turn this forum around and make it active again?
  4. Hey everyone I honestly miss this place, hope to post more often. Yes I'm married, my wedding is next month in California. Never imagined myself settling down. It was extremely difficult at first to only be with one woman. I normally date multiple women all the time. Can't explain the challenge, totally had to retrain my entire life style and way of thinking.
  5. We should have a 1emu wechat group.
  6. Well that's what I am. A 洋鬼子
  7. Thefatalyangguizi is my wechat name. Add me.
  8. Working and getting ready for marriage march of next year.
  9. Clubs in china are full of mafia and corrupt government officials.
  10. Sorry to hear this bud. I don't know enough about the situation to comment n weather you're being unreasonable or not.
  11. I herd you can play emulators with your wii controller. That true? If so ps1 emulation should rock if the game displays correctly. Also, I have the SNES emu for my iPad, but can't seem to apply any filters.
  12. Would love to play some classic RPGs on my jail broken iPad.
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