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  1. Hi! I'm new here...NOT! I haven't posted in exactly two years. Way the go to remember the user-name and password. PS: I just Pimp-Slapped GameCop, but it got me killed in the end
  2. Iam actually listening to Alundra Original Game Soundtrack...makes me wanna play the game again.
  3. Current Specs: A Pile of Horse-Crap. Soon to be specs (3-4weeks): Considdering it beeing my first own-bought pc; The rest, I have.
  4. Try here also; C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\681ybm8q.default C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\681ybm8q.default\bookmarkbackups
  5. You should export all of your bookmarks now and then. It's what I do almost every fortnight. Just take a good look around the firefox folders and everything that relates to firefox. It should be somewhere. ps: Not related but it's also a good thing to export all of your registry which ends up of beeing around 20MB, depending on how much you have on your machine. You only need 3 clicks to f**k up your computer. Lesson learned.
  6. Search on google, it's very easy to find siht like that.
  7. Could be interesting but problematic to hold.
  8. I added myself. I'm the only one in Australia. Feels lonely. I hear ya there Agozer
  9. Summer's just a couple of days away here where I live and since I live very close to the beach, this is what I'll be getting the whole season.
  10. Well you can and I just realized that interpolation doesn't affect anything having the emulator in DS or DR mode at 32 bit. If I change the resolution any higher than 512 DR or DS at 32bit, the screen becomes black. This is what it looks like at 512 DR 32 bit. Of course, everything works normal at any resolution at 16bit. Documentation didn't help at all as I wasn't sure what to look for. In summary, forget about 32bit and use 16bit.
  11. Are you saving to a state? If so, you may have the Read-only option checked on your save file. Uncheck it if it is...It should work.
  12. Well, I could but the Interpolation option makes edges look much better and yes, my pc does suck big time ...I'll take a look into the documentation.
  13. Right now I'm playing the Soul Blazer Trillogy; Soul Blazer Illusion of Gaia/Time Terranigma...(Man I love this game...just started it) I used to have all three on the original SNES but they have been given to kids over the years. They are also some of the best games for the SNES.
  14. I'm using the latest ZSNES VPRE 1.43 OCT 8 The problem is when I configure the video mode to 512x448 DR W at 32bit, the whole emulator shrinks half the size to the left and the colors get totally screwed up. I have to change the windows configuration back to 16bit for it to work perfectly. Note that this only happens in DR W not in R W. cheers ps: this is the best option for a crappy pc like mine as there are some extra video enhancement.
  15. If you have multiple dats of a ROM, you may just loooose. My kawaks crashed cause I had 14 dats of samsho5sp. I've reduced it to a single one.
  16. IS there a way to extract all of the music in roms such as Samurai Shodown V etc.? I know that you can record the music with kawaks but I just thought that there might be a tool to do that easily by selecting the files inside a rom. Cheers for any info
  17. They better make sure the next nintendo revolution is well developed against sonyPS3 etc.
  18. I've partialy fixed the sound but I'll try some of the other emulators...you may never know.
  19. I have an p3-900MHZ-128mb ram and yes, I have Sync to Audio enabled. My pc is around 7y old and I don't have an graphics card. I mean, I run psx games almost perfect with clear sound on epsxe. What's the ideal configuration for this emu.?
  20. mua ha ha ha ha ha it's so nice having a dreamcast and some of the best games around Just an hour ago I was playing S.F.EX2plus with bleemcast. What a magic system don't ya think If you are looking for some games, you can check out google Mods edit: Do not mention sites that offer torrents for commercial games.
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