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  1. I leave for 5 FUCKING YEARS and Fatal Rose is STILL babblin'!
  2. Seeing how I haven't bought a 360, I don't really mind. I will just become instantly hardcore by flashing the new mighty version.
  3. I'm thinking about getting a Sega Master System. With an extra controller, I intend on making a belt buckle out of it. On the scale of 1-10, I think it would stand at about an 800. Any of you thought of getting/making a gaming belt buckle? NOTE: I am back from the grave.
  4. So, I started college. And drinking. And smoking. And crap. Anyway, I've been out of the emulation scene for about a year and also a bit out of gaming for a year (I still read my IGN, though). Give me the some of the more important things that have occured in the scene.
  5. Some people like things. Some don't. End of discussion.
  6. Wasn't there a website giving away info on free ISP's for Dreamcast? I used to have the link, but, I lost it. Argh.
  7. I am working on somehow coming back into 1emu. :{|
  8. I know how to Tango, Indie Dance, and a bit of Folklorico. I can Mexican hat dance at an Interpol concert I am so tough. . Anon.
  9. The CELL is pretty interesting, I give you that, but with, what seems, longer development time for it and a much more costly production of games for it, not to mention Sony's screening department of hell, the PS3 won't be anything. As for the games, I am pretty sure what companies XBOX currently is there "liking" will stay there (i.e. SEGA, Tecmo). What will probably happen is that easy development and less production $ on XBOX 2 will mean more games, and thus, the edge. That is key, and that is what is going to make XBOX2 the victor in the Next-Gen war. Anon.
  10. Smilee knows what I'm talking about... Jet Set Radio Neo... I WANT IT!!! But seriously, with these specs, XBOX2 is going to kick some hainous anus. I don't know if I have saliva glands powerful enough to last me till the end of this year. Haha. Anon.
  11. *Gets on knees and pray for Jet Set Radio Neo...* XBOX 2... i love you... Anon.
  12. The DOA Creator has every right to say this about Tekken. I have played both extensively, and the competition, Virtua Fighter. As a fighter, Dead Or Alive is really good. With the nice counter system, and the good execution of combinations, and the multi-tiered environments, it makes it a great fighter. Tekken, from what I have played and seen, is a sit-and-wait fighter. ALWAYS, I see two veteran fighter just wait for someone to pounce. One wrong move, and it is curtains, because there is no effective way of cancelling an enemies combo while they are in the midst of one. Tekken 5 really hasn't evolved since Tekken 4. I agree with the DOA creator. Tekken, really, is not up to par.
  13. No freagin' way. There are also other designs that have been considered, kids, like the XBOX Next or the XBOX 2, which also have pictures; better than the photoshop XBOX 360 design on Gryph's link. Rumor is the key word. Nintendo Dolphin, anyone remember that? Sega Kitana, how about that? Just wait till E3. Answers will come then. Anon.
  14. It isn't that I am not intelligent, a fact that you seem to be flauting, it is that I don't do ANY work outside of school. I mean, I didn't turn in a 10% of my grade essay just because it was outside of class. So, your lazyness is not in my league. Anon.
  15. Bookworm... Kidding, Klaw. I could easily get B's & A's if I wanted to. But I have realized that I will get to my destination all the same if I get C's. I will still get to the finish lane by going slow at the same rate that the people who run fast. Anon.
  16. Alright. It is my final year of high school. All I have to do is cruise out of this year with passing grades to go on to San Fransisco State, to which I have already been accepted to. Well, I have a 62% in my French class and a 65% in my AP Government class. If I don't get a B on my final in French, I don't pass the class. If I don't get B's on the remaining 4 tests in AP Gov, I don't pass that class either. Not passing any of the 2 will cause me to not even graduate. Oh, I forgot to mention, only 3 other people have D's in these classes, mostly because they are pathetically easy... I just don't do work. I rock so hard. Anon.
  17. thats what u been saying all along.but thatt small feeling to jsr is nt a bad thing either,i love the huge districts but its harder to tag stuff on the move. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think you are reading that wrong... JSRF is Jet Set Radio Future, the sequel to JSR (Jet Grind Radio). I was actually stating that I liked the sequel, which is faster and bigger in scope, making you feel smaller. Anon.
  18. How in the HELL do you attain such posts, Ag & Klaw? I mean, really... do you HAVE to have an opinion on every matter more than 10 times a day? Anon. NOTE: It is going to be a long while before I get even a 1000 posts, much less 2K.
  19. Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo I HAD to make that reference. But seriously, Evil Dead 2, Empire Strikes Back, Die Harder, & Rocky II were all much better than their first parts. I would even contend that Rocky III is better than all of the previous Rocky's. Anon.
  20. I was enamored by both games about 2 years ago. I still constantly listen to both soundtracks. I am willing to bet if there were a competetive contest for the games, I would win. Anyway, to me, JSRF is the better one. JSRF has a much greater sence of speed than JSR (JGR for you Americans). In JSR, you had to constantly stop to do a piece of art. While fun, it brought the game to a dead halt. JSRF is crack-speed comapred to JSR. JSRF also has a much bigger feel. The building sizes are much bigger and when you are zipping across town, you feel that you are in a huge town at that. JSR is more compact, and you feel that the town is a bit smaller. For my gaming needs, I'd pick JSRF. Done deal. Anon.
  21. It is difficult to grap the fact that one could be fine with just being there, without thought. Just think; a very deep sleep for the rest of time... you won't even realize you are dead or not. Just sleep. Anon.
  22. I am sure you know about Shining Tears, then, as it is coming to the PS2 next year. As for who I would bring back... Louis Armstrong. To hear him live, it would be breathtaking. Anon.
  23. For me, this life that you is currently being lived is it. Nothing more, nothing less. Death is just a final peace to the struggle in life to attain it. I am fine with knowing this, and, thus, I believe in nothing else. Anon.
  24. No, it is too messy and advertising a nonprofit site? That would be a bit odd. (NOTE: 666Ghost, please edit your "From" on the left side; it is bothersome to my browser. ) Anon.
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