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  1. Just so everyone knows i'm in on this.....Under the name Hibachi
  3. If someone is quoting document A, and document A got the information from Source B, then I think its entirely correct to quote source B, even though you read it first in document A. (If you didnt get my analogy, basically i agree with James)
  4. RHCP All the Way, no doubt about it. Old RHCP of course. Even if i didnt like RHCP all that much, the black eyed peas are just vomit inducingly bad.
  5. Honestly dude, who would give that a 2/10 unless he/she was A) Mentally insane or A Homosexual. >_>". To quote Weirdy, "I'd Hit it and Quit it."
  6. I did. GameCop, who calls you lovecop. I mean, beside yourself? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> His Right Hand.
  7. Oh my god! I realized Axl has been gone for awhile...Now we know what hes been doing. Dont drop the soap buddy!
  8. Wow. Reminds me of the "Read books. Get Brain." T-Shirt from Akademiks. People got their panties in a bunch about that one. But this ones racist! Even better.
  9. Yup, i just wanted Gamecop to look like a douche without getting banned again, its not like i really care. I guess people i know realize that and to others i sound like a whiny biatch xD.
  10. Umm..GC, its nice to see that youre pulling that crap for other users, but i myself know that i had asked you to unban me, if you want to get technical, i actually demanded it. You knew i was banned, and did nothing about it, the reason being was because personally, you don't like me. The fact of the matter is, the unofficial IRC channel has nothing to do with these forums. It seems you cant put personal vendetta's aside and do your job as owner. It truly is sad.
  11. We have met drake, on IRC [Hibachi], and you were on the forums before I was "suspended."....what a terrible memory....
  12. Hello Again people. Some of you may remember me some of you may not. The reason for my 6 month absence was not of my own accord. The fact of the matter is, i was issued a 7 day ban from GC, as you can read in my profile it reads: Causing insulting mischief in the IRC channel which is a part of 1Emulation. You have been issued a 7 day post suspension and OP suspension. But unfortunately, due to someone's childish mentality, i was not banned for 7 days. My ip was banned for over 6 months. I would be banned right now if not for Magnis's kindness. Gamecop, I, along with the 1emu would like an explanation for your actions. If you do not comply, I am sure you will lose the already small amount of credibility you hold in this community.
  13. LMAO but totally false, latin is waaaay harder than japanese. Its prolly the hardest language to learn, while spanish being the easiest.
  14. Anyone having trouble with ports just use ares. it automatically searches for good ports to use, and it runs the same network.Yeah im on a router which i dont own, and it connects well. So im confident it will solve your problems.
  15. LMAO @ K`'s banner. How do you get those in game? (i dont play warhammer 40k much as i find TFT superior)
  16. Why You Hating? You drink the haterade or something? We all know sonys products are good, till they break (which is often)
  17. The first ones for PC too. and i was quite into it at one point. Once you meet the admins and are able to do cool things with hacks. You can totally change the game with hacks. And i dont mean crappy hacks like broomops. REALLY REALLY hard ones.
  18. Thx Gryph for clarifying. Flock the Salmonilla, i aint scared of micro-salmon. Im goin for the raw eggs.
  19. I don't think so, you I think you only get it from raw chicken. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, Eggs too, or else id be doing that cool thing in the movies where they drink the raw eggs. Thats so bada$$.Do i have eggs in my house, i think im gonna try it. I need to bulk up.
  20. This seems sorta Frivolous to me, i heard somewhere that the U.S. is gonna put this rule in effect which forces ppl who sue frivolously, to pay their own and their lawyers fees. Johnny Cochran anyone?
  21. Ill try Babelfishing it. I cant wait for the day when i can play Shining Force 3 at Close to full speed.
  22. Yes thats a great idea. Use alot of numbers. Just make sure you dont forget it. By knowing you, he can probably guess the password. I change my pass as often as possible to prevent my brother jacking my computer and using it for his own sick pleasures.
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