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  1. Do you have frameskipping enabled, and if you do, at what setting is it at?
  2. I played it for a couple of hours at a friend's house, and thought it was great. Granted, I don't get to play many ps2 games, but the game controls well, the music fits the whole game perfectly, and there is carnage a plenty, which always scores well with me. And the sex and boobs that Agozer mentioned too.
  3. I found the new address of the guy my wife cheated on me with...heh heh just a few blocks from me now...
  4. meh, I still havent gotten the settings correct using Rice's plugin on my GeForce 4 MX 420 It does seem to work better for me than Jabo's though.
  5. besides, isn't being able to play SRM parts 2, 3, 4, and 7 or any of the 300 other mahjong games working in mame enough for your mahjong needs?
  6. If you want console mode easily, delete the nvram for the games in the nvram folder, and use the universe bios to set it to AES. There is also a cheat to disable the timer in the UniBios cheat database. Press Start+Coin to access it.
  7. woooo, Gen-an returns! Too bad they didn't go ahead and add Cham Cham and Seiger, though. Oh well, it sounds like it should be good.
  8. It does look a little strange. I'm not sure this will make it out of Japan when it's released, but I could be wrong. According to some sites, it's due out in October.
  9. That is nice, and will probably last you 15 years easy, most honda cars seem to run quite a while. heh, all I got for my first car was a tank....a 1971 Ford LTD
  10. DoDonPachi will run, but only in MAME, Raine, or FBA....DDP2 runs on different hardware than DDP, and is only partially emulated if that,at the moment.
  11. As far as DoDonPachi 2: Bee Storm, it may someday be playable in Nebula(or even MAME), since DDP2 is a PGM based game.
  12. FBA will play DonPachi and DoDonPachi, and other Cave games. Other than that, it's either MAME or Raine
  13. Well, there is a bit of a difference in those two types of dat files. You can however open up the history.dat file for mame in Notepad or something similar, and see how the layout is, and make your own that way, or edit the entries of existing ones. But making your own in the same way probably won't help in getting EKmame to show the history file when you click on the game, that sounds more like maybe something went wrong when it was compiled.
  14. Yeah, they do. Figures, that storm front stayed too far north to hit around me the other day. My area was supposed to have been hit by part of that, if it's the same one I'm thinking of, looking at the date on some of the pics. Cool stuff, nonetheless!
  15. There are a few RE midis, but more RE2 and RE3 midis here, in the PSX section: http://www.vgmusic.com/
  16. I think the only genesis emulator that has any support for the lightgun and menacer and the Sega Mouse is Fusion, you might give it a try and see how well those games play in that emulator. I checked on my copy of Gens and Gens+ and didn't see and options for them.
  17. I think the two most memorable moments for me in my few months here have been the April Fool's joke, and competing against Sturmvogel for the Hovercraft Racing title (the only one I could ever keep from him for more than a few hours, lol) And also getting to know several nice and helpful people around here.
  18. I think that's what he was trying to do in his second post when he said "from this". I beleive those are the crc's of the copies he does have.
  19. might check the jukebox.ini file, and make sure it is actually pointing to your roms directory.
  20. God of War - PS2 Since I get to play ps2 games maybe 3-4 times a year, this is my favorite PS2 game now. So much carnage
  21. Happy b-day Gryph, and a day early happy b-day to Agozer, too
  22. bah, was hoping that City of the Dead game was the one that George Romero and American McGee were supposed to be doing.
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