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  1. The backgrounds are awesome. And could Ivy get any more "top heavy"?
  2. You should be able to go to Options->Configure Controller Plugin and set them up however you like
  3. Kawaks will run the encrypted C sets, AFAIK, may just be the p and m roms that give it problems,but I think those work too, in most cases
  4. Isn't Classroom Fighter one of *your* favorites, Sturm? I'm up for Canyon Glider, at least I could stay close.
  5. Isuka is the only one I haven't played, si I guess my joy with the series is still pretty high
  6. That's the funniest site I've seen in a while...and so much quotable material, lol
  7. It's nice to see Hanzo and Fuuma get brought back. Are any other WH characters in NGBC?
  8. I must be the only one, or one of the very few, around here that does still use AOL. I do like the IM catcher feature, it helps sort out any unwanted incoming IMs, not that many people IM me anyways
  9. Agreed there. FPW games are way better than any other wrestling game, just for the sheer amount of character building options. I spent days trying to create the perfect wrestler on FPWD for the Dreamcast.
  10. wow, those are the first shots I've seen of the movie. I really wasn't too interested in it, i figured it would turn out to be like FF The Spirits Within. But now I'll have to at least try to rent it if it's avaliable that way, then maybe buy it.
  11. ahhh, good thing I hadn't eaten dinner yet...Really, what's up with the cosplay revival this week?
  12. Congrats!! The name is very nice too. Speaking of changes, I hope your ready for those ones at 3am, lol
  13. I thought you already were a staff member, Iq_132, since you did post news before. Oh well, congrats on the promotion
  14. El Mariachi is awesome too. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's the only one I haven't seen, and I don't think I've seen it avaliable to rent or buy anywhere
  15. Chakan, for Dreamcast. I loved the first one on Genesis, and was eagerly awaiting the announced Dreamcast version, and then...well crap, cancelled.
  16. Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the sequel to Desperado...Johnny Depp is a badass in that movie.
  17. I think you also have to add them into the driver.c file as well.
  18. Meh, just watch the movie Junior, with ahhhhhnold, if you wanna see a pregnant guy
  19. Welcome Neontigerx lol, that's Robbbert's way of greeting people. If he hadn't done it, Sturmy would have
  20. If you are using visual boy advance...check the online faq below(set right to the cheat function section) http://vba.ngemu.com/faq.shtml#cat3_2 That should help
  21. maybe the guy was contracted by the RIAA to make the worm
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