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  1. 594 (was 593, but i posted on a topic right before i saw this thread, grrr)
  2. Working in a steel fabrication shop, I tend to have to shower nightly, and then either Saturday or Sunday night, depending on my activities on those days. So basically every day, unless I fall asleep shortly after getting home from work.
  3. From an article I read in a local paper, Tim Burton said that it isn't meant to be a remake, but a "re-imagined" version of the book itsself. I gave my son the choice of either seeing this movie, or Fantastic Four. He of course chose F4. I'll probably check this out once it hits DVD, though.
  4. nice, I can see me spending some time there practicing my drawring skills. Good find, Gryph.
  5. Soul Calibur Guilty Gear (X or XX) DOA 2 Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle Street Fighter Alpha 3
  6. Cleopatra's Fortune, and any Puzzle Bobble game
  7. bah, gryph beat me to it. But yeah, if you do have the [E] version of MM, then it will run at 50 fps. games meant to run on PAL TV systems can only do 50 fps.
  8. wow, busy week for birthdays, lol. Happy Birthday Fatal
  9. I wouldn't take her seriously on the running for governor part, for sure. I can only imagine all the "wonderful" things a porn star could do for a state as governor. She isn't bad looking, but I've never heard of her either until now...not that I keep up to date on the latest entries into the porn scene.
  10. Yeah, I noticed this last night. Unfortunately, it was dead in both chans, lol
  11. hehe, another member hits legal drinking age! Happy Birthday IQ_132
  12. Lou Gramm - Lost in the Shadows (from Lost Boys sndtrk)
  13. Dang, I can't beleive I forgot that one. Probably the best NG beat'em up there is
  14. Aliens vs. Predator D&D Tower of Doom D&D Shadow Over Mystaria Final Fight Metamorphic Force Knights of Valor Oriental Legend Double Dragon Golden Axe Golden Axe: The Return of Death Adder
  15. maybe the hotdogs would plump up even more, with less gravity.
  16. The Shemue series for me. Though I never got through all of the first, Shenmue II had me pretty hooked. People can say what they want about tedious gameplay, but it never bothered me, because I always wanted to see how the next few moments afterwards would go. I miss the game now.
  17. Nine Days - Absolutely (Story of a Girl)
  18. I'd rather the Raiden III one be true, but if any soon to be released version of Kawaks could actually play SF3, I'd be happy with that too.
  19. almost 3 hours worth? sounds like a heck of a show. I can't wait to hear it.
  20. I don't think you have too many choices, but the one i would suggest is Neo Poccott(sp?). It seems to run most of the ngp/ngpc games that I have tried.
  21. Could be a very good move for Microsoft. Having the games made for a handheld system definately wouldn't hurt their own console sales, and would only bring in more cash. And it surely wouldn't hurt Nintendo to have another big name 3rd party developing games for the DS.
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