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  1. Alirght... I'm a dumbass. While testing out Chrono Trigger, I had "BearShare" running in the background. That Bearshare takes up alot of CPU usage and I didn't know it. But the games are now smoovie smoove. BTW, in ZSnes, I got the option for Vsync and it helped a bit when I enabled it. But I can't find where the "Triple" buffering option is. I am using the windows version 1.42. Thanks guys!!
  2. Does anyone here know why my system would play SNES very choppy, yet it plays NEOGEO games perfectly? I would think NEOGEO games are more performance demanding than the SNES. Here are my system specs: 2.1 Ghz Pentium M 2 Gb PC2700 ram 80Gb 5400 rpm HD The graphics card is intergrated that shares about 16mb from the ram. Is that where it maybe lagging in, is because of the intergrated graphics? But that should make my Neogeo games run even crappier. BTW, I used both ZsNES and SNES9X, and SNES9X runs better, but still choppy. Thanks.
  3. Oh ok.. so the "decrypted" roms are there just for emulators that don't decrypt that well?
  4. I'm using Kawaks, and I notice so many different version of the same game, and the both play/work the same. Example is one of the mslug.. i think it's mslug3, it has the normal version, and the "decrypted version". Or like I have some fighting games that say "set 1" and "set 2". What do all these mean, and if they are the same game, why have different types? Thanks. ( I did do a search, but couldn't find the "meaning" of what they meant. and the search gave me 11 pages or so....)
  5. Thanks for the info. I did some googling, and notice that the loader only comes with 1.46? Does that loader work with 1.54, or does it completely replace the.EXE file. thanks
  6. I have Win Kawaks 1.52. I hear alot of people around the net talk about "asr.dat" file. And about how it should be in the main directory of kawaks. I understand that this file is what kawaks read to load the roms, or to add any games that doesn't exist on that list. I search the WHOLE folder of my Kawaks folder, and do not see asr.dat anywhere! Is it something I have to create manually? I did a search for "asr.dat" on this forum also, but no results. I also tried "asr" but it requires 4 characters to search in this forum. thanks.
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