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  1. That picture alone is enough to keep me from taking a canoe through backwoods country...
  2. old habits die hard I'd probably still use it actually, if it weren't for pictures coming up screwy when i used the shot factory feature
  3. especially if it glitched and did the reverse jobs I think I'd want one that would clean the cat boxes, since i have to clean two of them twice a day.
  4. Hardest <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Agreed <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thirded. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Heck, I'll fourth that one!
  5. lol, i guess he was one of the exceptions to the frameskip thing
  6. It's that exact kind of reaction that makes matters worse in most cases, though. Not every Arab is linked to al-Queda. That would be like saying everyone with Irish blood in them is somehow a part of the IRA.
  7. have you tried taking the frameskip value off of auto?
  8. Game: Nitroball System: Arcade Emulators: MAME Nitroball, released by Data East in 1992, is a strange mixture between pinball, and William's Smash TV. Players must battle their way through 5 themed playfields, each littered with enemies, bunkers, ramps, and of course, fabulous prizes and cash! This is how Arena Football should really be! While this game does have an interesting premise, it falls short of attaining excellence in any form. The graphics, while not really bad, are nothing to gawk over, even by 1992 standards. Maybe John Elway saw this in the end zone his first couple of Super Bowls. The controls are simple, and in fact, I'm glad Data East went with one joystick and 2 button layout over the dual joystick setup in games like Smash TV. One button is for your standard fire, and the second releases a "bomb" which consists of your player spinning around firing glowing orbs in a spiral. The controls are responsive, but often times you'll find yourself running smack into an enemy while avoiding the shots from another, or visa versa. The Ghostbuster they never show in the movies. The sound is fair, nothing more or less. I think I enjoyed the few quips the announcer spouted out from time to time more than anything. Herbie dishes out the prizes. Gameplay consists of running around shooting the two or three types of enemies that roam each Stage, making your way to a boss. Along the way, you can shoot bumpers and other pinball related objects to gain boats, houses, gold, and other prizes that can boost your score considerably. You can also find 3 weapons beside your normal fire scattered throughout each stage: Ring Laser, Flamethrower, and Missile. If you grab a powerup labeled with a "B", your character will roll up into a ball, and bounce wildly around the screen, knocking out enemies. It's not really as fun as it sounds though, as you have seemingly little control over his movement while in this mode. Somewhere in each stage, you have access to a "mini-game" which usually has you trying to shoot so many enemies(or rolling them into tubes or holes) as you can in a time limit. Succeed, and you can get tons of items to add to your score. Back when Nitroball was released, it probably would have been fun for a few quarters, mainly to those who loved Smash TV and the like. Thanks to MAME, you can drop as many coins into it as you like, and enjoy, hate, or be indifferent to the 15-20 minute ride it'll give you. Control: 7 Gameplay:6 Graphics:5 Sound: 4 Overall: 5.5 Grade: F Overall I give this game a thumbs down
  9. War - from the Rocky IV movie when Rocky fights Drago
  10. The one area where the Saturn supposedly outdid the PSX was games such as Marvel Super Heroes, with the 4meg memory cart, but I never got to test that personally. The whole "Saturn is better at 2d stuff than the PSX" seemed a bit overblown to me, even though the opposite was true when it came to 3d games such as Toshinden and RE.
  11. http://sindoni.altervista.org/neoencyclopedia/ <----Neo Encyclopedia
  12. I haven't read the book itsself, but an AM radio station near me plays the original radio broadcast every Halloween, and I try not to miss it. I may catch the movie next weekend, along with Fantastic Four. I've been going to watch more movies recently, trying to get out of my house a little more. I saw Sin City Saturday night, and Batman Begins the weekend before.
  13. Raiden III on Kawaks, lol...j/k! Actually, I played Knights of the Round and Warriors of Fate on Kawaks.
  14. Sorry to hear, Skythe. It's never good when a relative passes right around a holiday... That's a pretty strict ban, if it's statewide. I've heard of not being able to shoot them off in city limits, like we have around here, but an entire state? Geez
  15. Jojo's bizarre adventure was on the Saturn? I thought it just came out on Dreamcast? Anyways, Agozer hit it pretty squarely with the one's he listed. The Panzer Dragoon games are legendary, and NiGHTS and Guardian Heroes are a total blast to play, over and over. I never was lucky enough to play Radiant Silvergun, though.
  16. and somehow, that gets left out of every history book. Happy 4th to all who it applies to today
  17. It'd be nice if it is real, I just don't see kawaks emulating it, seeing as it's a Taito game.
  18. My sentiments exactly. PAL countries get shafted a lot when it comes to video games. Hell, the only video game ever that got a J and a PAL release but not an US release is Terranigma on the SNES. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Shenmue 2 falls into that category as well, afaik
  19. Finally! i think that pretty much fills up my wish list of things i wish Fusion could do now *goes off to download*
  20. but there is a good solid base of members here who post regularly here, and that's what makes it all good
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