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  1. It's a video of a strange thing happedned in a football match. Could someone translate what the Football Announcer is saying? http://media.putfile.com/Football-fair-play (1.4MB)
  2. It only gives me Memory checking (nothing else ) Yeh. I tryied every reagion but nothing happned.
  3. In MAME 0.99u8, Funky Head Boxers has been promoted from NOT_WORKING status. (So it should work now, Right?) When I load the game, it only give me this: The same thing happened to Sea Bass Fishing and Steep Slope Sliders Is there a way to play these games?
  4. I have the same Dreamcast Arcade Stick. It is really COOL. I think I need a DreamCast PC converter too.
  5. I am using Genius gamepad. (It is good ) http://tinypic.com/easg3p.jpg
  6. Boogie Wings rom will not work in a MAME version that older than (0.96)because it has been added to MAME as a working rom in version 0.96 Also This rom has updated and it work fine now.
  7. OH! thanks guy. As usual, this is the best Forum to get the best answers for a question.
  8. I don't have a lot of experiance about Neo Geo pocket emulators. So guys, what is the best emulator for Neo Geo pocket?
  9. Hey Axl. Be careful of what you say. There are Arabs like me in this Fourm and what do you expect of them if they saw your post. HA? How could you say that if you even Don't know who did it? Thanks [Elazul Yagami] for your replays.
  10. I don't know about this, maybe you have changed the sitting or something like that. Ok. If you still have m2emulator.zip Try to unzip the file again in another location and do the same thing. Create a new folder in m2emulator called [roms] put the games inside it. (try it, It may work)
  11. Do you have this file---> doab.zip 334kb It won't work without it.
  12. Thanks for the tip. I think you should just feel the lifebar of your player
  13. I forgot to say that DOA is working in Nebula Model 2 emulator but it is very slow.
  14. Not soo fast. It can be played in Nebula Model 2 emulator. Try to do it from the begining: Unzip the folder m2emulator Enter the folder [m2emulator] Create a new folder called [roms] Put the rom inside it. Then Start the emulator --> Load rom Choose [Dead or Alive (Model 2B)] If it didn't work then make sure that you have: doa.zip 29MB and this one---> doab.zip 334kb It won't work without doab.zip
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