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  1. My name is Fox_X I'm level 19. It's a great game. I run into a lot of hackers and laggers though which kinda ruin the game for me.
  2. Ah, I actually forgot I had those hosted by digikitten, my apologies and thanks for removing them.
  3. Anyone else get this message pop up when they see an image hosted my digitkitten? Something about entering a password and username. It made me think I had a virus unill others started talking about it.
  4. I'm 16 and I got this hand me down 96 Pontiac Grand AM (the car in the picture is not my car, I just have one like it) I'm not complaining though cause I didn't pay for it, once I have enough saved up I hope for a truck of some kind instead.
  5. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That scene is in the movie, it doesn't show it much, but it talks about it, you HAVE seen it haven't you?
  6. I really hope I get to see something this cool in person before I die. http://www.ksntv.com/news/coolwxpics/default.asp Apparently there's nothing wrong comming from them, just freakin cool stuff. Link to pics taken from a roof top in Joplin, Missouri.
  7. I saw it twice. Did anyone else catch the millineum falcon in the far background where all the ships are loading. I can't remember which scene it is, so I can't like point it out to you. Just curious if anyone else has seen it, or if people are posting about it along with all the other hidden things.
  8. I hope these are real, anyone heard anything more than just rumors about them?
  9. Some people at my school get very mad when we talk bad on Michael, violently angry! They started to dance around and ask who was bad, it was a scary scene.
  10. I wonder when that will actually happen...it's been a while since it came out. true this is GK... one other question, how long has neogamez's roms been down for, and do those new ones :SSV, SVC, etc.: actually work for NEORAGE as the site advertizes? Yes, they do. You'll need those hacked P1's though. Where could one get those p1's?
  11. I saw the movie, if you're going to se it for entertainment, don't unless you're very very sick no joke sicko person. There is a reason it is rated R and I don't think they should have let me buy me own ticket seeing as how I'm only 15. Anyways, the cat of nine tails scene is very... harsh and bloody and brutal and painful to watch. Though I suppose it was a good portrayal of what happened I don't suggest seeing it for entertainment and I suggest not letting anyone younger than 13/14 (unless they're unusually mature for there age) to see this movie there are images that stick in your head for the rest of your life. I do like Jim Caveziel and The Count of Monte Cristo was a great movie, and he does a good job in this movie so looks good in that aspect, though it's not entertaining.
  12. So is there a way to play this on NRX, I've played it on Mame32, and I just don't like mame, I don't like how it's set up, for my slower computer at this house. Anyways, if someone has got a rom for NRX, does anyone have a link to the site that hosts it? Or if there's a way to change around files, could someone tell me that too please. thx
  13. Well I I'm not saying it's not for NRX, but I downloaded it and it's not coming up in my romlist.
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