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  1. I'll rejoice twice for that post. 1 for the World Heroes compilation (why wouldn't they include WH Jet though?) and 2nd for Cham Cham!!!
  2. They had a picture of a kitten like that in an issue of Maxim a couple of years ago. I felt sorry for the little fella. He ended up dying shortly after the photo was taken.
  3. well, I just tried it on my Mame32plus v95u2, and it does actually work on the 1st stage, it's all i had time to try, but here's a shot. So i'm not sure what all is not emulated, other than sound, and maybe some protection issues
  4. dang,i missed that? That would have been enjoyable
  5. When I first came across this site, i was just looking for some info on a question i had run across. It ended up becoming the first message board I ever did more than just browse through. Ive found alot of useful help in many topics, conversed with several cool people who also enjoy emulation, and even enjoy trying to keep up with some of the other high-level people in the Forum Attack system. It's the only site I check more than once a day, and there is always something good in the forums to add my two cents to, or at least to get a laugh from reading.
  6. My usual routine, during the summer, is a decent breakfast, usually a bowl of cereal or sometimes just a banana or an apple, then around 10am, I eat a handful of pretzels or chips. At lunch, if I stay at work, it's a PB&J sandwich, or if I go home, I eat a salad. 3pm break is another handful of pretzels or something similar. Then for dinner, it's generally a TV dinner, unless I'm motivated enough to cook up a steak. Since I work in a steel shop, I lose alot of weight in the summer, and eat alot more frequently. I change eating habits during the wintertime since I am not quite as active at work those months. Unfortunately, due to stress, my weight is way below my normal for this time of the year right now.
  7. Heh, sounds like you made out better than me. I got a bag of microwave popcorn, a can of sprite, and a handmade card. But it's the thought that counts for me. My son hugged me and said Thank You for being a good dad, and that's all I really needed anyways.
  8. I guess if you had two sexual organs, you might be considered lucky as well. That is a very strange occurrence, though. I wonder how well that dog can walk, considering the two extra legs.
  9. I think Agozer got most of the ones I'd put on there, as far as the shmups go. I'd add the following: Raiden Fighters 2 Knights of Valor Sunset Riders Smash TV Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Gauntlet Elevator Action Returns
  10. kids will try anything these days. I'd don't think I'd be foolish enough to leave my keys in a freaking plane though.
  11. lol, perhaps you mean revolution, suvo. And you have to look at the competition since the days of the NES. NES really didn't have any big competitors. NES was pretty much the main thing on the market during it's time. SNES had to go up against the Sega Genesis, N64 had the PSX and the Saturn, and the Gamecube had the PS2 and XBox.
  12. i know, kinda shocked me too to see he's only 19. Happy Birthday to ya, Magnis!
  13. Sounds like it was a great show. I wanted to see it, but without cable or satellite, I was out of luck.
  14. Looks like something for a power ranger.
  15. Go to Sound -> NeoGeo Sound Options and disable both of the choices. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That works, if you don't want sound effects as well.
  16. Well, since i'm already in my 30's, and really haven't slowed down on game playing that much, I think i'll make it into my 40's easily. Hopefully when I have grandkids, I can still be playing video games with them.
  17. why not just use a cheat on a normal set?
  18. If only the winamp jukebox feature worked with NeoGeo games as well, instead of just QSound ones.
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