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  1. alright what is up with this kakashi gaiden stuff what is so special about it
  2. 0.4.1 is out 0.4.1 has the following fixes from 0.4.0: A more correct ARM9 bios interrupt routine is used, avoiding the hack that I put in place previously where one of the registers loads was hard coded in the ARM9 evaluator. The interrupt waiting SWI routine was using an incorrect register so the return from the wait was not reliable. Bugs related to switching between ARM and Thumb mode, and restoration of the spsr from the cpsr at the end of an interrupt were fixed. The interrupt handler expected the handler to be ARM code not Thumb code. The libnds handler is in Thumb so fixed code that was previously there but not working to execute Thumb code if the code is indeed thumb. Implemented some of the ARM9 Coprocessor instructions for DTCM and ITCM handling (specifically registers 6 and 9).
  3. does raw mean still in jap or a subbed version
  4. how dare you not spell nintendo right lol
  5. a 2005 honda civic 2 door value package here are some pics http://www.flickr.com/photos/68283907@N00/?deleted=16172611 pretty sweet for a 16 year old right
  6. 2005-03-14 CPU: Fixed ARM->Thumb changes on LDR CPU: Fixed SP-relative Thumb stores GPU: OBJs with the "OBJ disable" bit set are not rendered anymore GPU: Fixed some OBJ clipping issues GPU: OBJs are now checked for display priority relative to BGs GPU: Added optional Direct3D rendering (D3D8) GUI: Made touchscreen IPC address selectable (Memory tab) GUI: The Run, Pause, and Reset keyboard shortcuts now work even when the video output window has focus
  7. since i cannot post on the news board here it is 0.94u1 ------ Mostly bugfixes related to problems caused by the 0.93 sound update --- Fixed itech32 driver, the previous 64-bit fix caused graphical problems both should be fixed now [Aaron Giles] Fixed '3 speaker problem' with Qsound [Aaron Giles] Fixed 'deadang' crashing [Aaron Giles] Fixed games using the 5110 which refused to start (bagman, cvs driver etc.) [Aaron Giles] Other sound fixes [Aaron Giles] * fixed initialization order problem in niyanpai * removed unused filters in othunder * fixed initialization order problem in rungun * prevented setting negative timers to fix stkclmns crash * fixed triplfun by making sure the X1-010 chip is present before trying to reset it * sound in outrun fixed cheat.c typo + other [Atari Ace] attempted to fix batrider crash [Aaron Giles] Intel Flash improvements [smf] Fixed Laser Ghost title screen [Aaron Giles] Discrete sound updates [Derrick Renaud] Started cleaning up konamigx driver [R.Belmont] Fixed auto_malloc compiler warning with DOS tools [smf] Updates to XML output [Logiqx] New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Excelsior [Pierpaolo Prazzoli] no sound (PIC not dumped) Star Fire 2 [David Rolfe] Tecmo World Cup Millenium [smf] New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING ------------------------------------ Calorie Kun [David Haywood] preliminary driver, basic tilemap + sprites hooked up Pipeline [David Haywood] rom loading, not much else.
  8. man i cannot belive this another great ds emu on the rise
  9. yeah i was lucky to even get in to one of them
  10. Let's not discourage anything here. If you wanna help out by running stuff, kevin, go right ahead. The more, the merrier when it comes to this. Of course, it'd be nicer if someone wanted to write a GPU for me.. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ha i think you are on your own on that one
  11. i have called a couple of them and have gotten through to anna kournokova she said hello and i just hung up
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