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  1. bunch of sickos.... Anyways, like Disoblige said, if you can catch it, the best thing would be to take it to an animal shelter, or if there is a Friends of Felines type organization near you, maybe they could find the cat a good home.
  2. You'd be surprised at the amount of smaller bills that get attached to larger ones in order to assure them passing. Many of them are irrelevant to the larger bill, and are often tucked away in so much paperwork that most people would never know they even were there. As far as this national ID bill goes, it does irk me to a degree, mainly because i feel it can be misused to easily by the government. But all in all, I guess it would just be something else to stick in my wallet, and probably end up losing at sometime or another.
  3. Just don't paint it with puke, ok? Happy B-day Elazul
  4. It is a pretty good program, IMO. I've tried making a few games with the program, nothing overly complex though, just some simple platformers and such. It's alot easier than trying to program a game in C or something.
  5. cool, least it isnt just a port of the first. Took them long enough though!
  6. Of course not, that'd be illegal There's nothing there but the emulators.
  7. I decided to go ahead and make the 40 minute trip to pick up the magazine, luckily they still had it. 12 bucks for it though, yeesh! I'm not for sure what month it was published, but it's probably a month or two old. Checking out whats on the CD, here's a list of the emulators. Some I know have had updates since the magazine came out though. Amiga: Akiko Winfellow Alpha WinUAE Arcade: Callus95 Mame32 (looks to be v.84 from the picture in the mag) Raine32 Atari ST: Pacifist Saint Steem Winston Atari VCS: PCAEwin StellaX Z26 BBC Micro: Beebem Electrum Model-B Commodore 64: CCS64 Wi
  8. bleh, mods and admins already have a summon, it's called an atomic ifrit So they don't need any help
  9. Man, I wish now I had picked it up last night. For some stupid reason, I didn't buy it, but I may make the trip back just to grab it. I've only found one link to a place that "might" still have a copy. I posted it below, in case anyone wants to check it out http://www.magsnmore.com/new_magazines.htm
  10. Maybe once you hit an appropriate level too, that might work.
  11. I was at Barnes and Noble tonight and found a magazine devoted to emulation, called PC Action Emulate! It's put out by the same people who write Retro Gamer magazine. With it came a cd with 16 or so emulators, from Mame32 to a wonderswan emulator. I thumbed through it, and it spoke about how to use some of the included emulators, as well as other emulation topics. The current issue is #7, so I guess it's a pretty new publication. Has anyone else come across this magazine, or any previous issues?
  12. Ok, I suck, I only got 22, lol. I'm still trying to wake up
  13. The soul collecting aspect is very cool in AoS, and it adds greatly to the longevity of playing it - I'd probably rank it 3rd on my list.
  14. SoTN is definately the best in the series, hands down. A close second for me is Dracula X: Rondo of Blood for the PC Engine Super CD. That was the first C-vania game that really got me hooked into the series, and was the first game I ever imported.
  15. My first several driving experiences were driving trucks around my parent's pasture, picking up hay bales. I was 13 at the time. That was all good, until i tried turning the truck around in the front yard, I was trying to turn, hoping I'd miss my dad's work van, and missed it, but mixed up the brake and the clutch pedal, and clipped a tree with the right front. I was so pissed, and then was even madder because my dad was laughing at me being mad. I can look back at it now and laugh, but I figured he was going to kill me for wrecking the truck
  16. I remember hearing about it, long time ago, and I'm sure i have it somewhere. I should play it once, just to say i didn't miss playing any games in the series. I always heard crappy reviews of it, so I never gave it much thought.
  17. Serves them right. It's karma biting them in the ass for gobbling up all of those smaller companies.
  18. I've always been an Intel user, but had a few friends who went with AMD prcessors recently, and gave them pretty good praise. If they keep improving on their current standards, I may give them a go when it comes time for a new computer.
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