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  1. Exactly what I said when I checked this place out a couple years ago.
  2. I got tired of hearing about it the day after it happened.
  3. When it happened I had just woken up. Honestly, I felt nothing. I was having my breakfast and thought "that sucks."
  4. No one's criticizing because you're new. It's just difficult to keep track of what you're saying without knowing when there are stops and pauses.
  5. tl;dr use punctuation next time
  6. it's like they tried to make a half-assed parallel universe with the EX series
  7. if you only you had guns to defend yourselves with
  8. if it's 2D, it'll probably end up on a handheld
  9. so then the only mystery left (besides how Vega/M. Bison returned) is the link between SF4 and SF3: 2I
  10. I don't even know anymore. but the point of the street fighter alpha series is to explain the plot between sf1 and sf2
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