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  1. i have fix the game to work in the chankast but when i play by zack or tina and they meat tach other the game crash. ist normal thing after fixing the game or i have done something wrong and if it can some one send the hacked files that he made. thnaks for any help.
  2. i found some cheat for gameshark and i want to use them in my chankast by the cheat tools i tryed to add the codes in the file of the game but the code look deffrent so is there away to converting it or to change it to be used by the cheat tool. i used the gameshark cd but its not woorking for me.
  3. Without permission from the adman? Your emoticon shows you're feeling guilty... are you attempting to stage a hack through an FTP server? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> its not like that i'm using my university pc and i want to download FTP program but there is an administer so i ask for that.
  4. is there any FTP program that i can use without i have to make a setup for it or can be used without need preamesion from the administer.
  5. i want to download this episode but in the site they but two episode like this Tales of Eternia 13(With Commentary) Tales of Eternia 13(No Commentary) what is the diffirence??? i mean what is this commentary thing.
  6. win i used shooting star while maxweel is in full and ready to be summoned insted of shooting star arche came i gained control in here she use fire attack and ice attack like in freeze lancer and she can make a black sphere. i looked in to some faqs and i have not seen notheng about it. is there othere moves like this one.
  7. i found two title each one have diffrent number of episodes Ah MY Goddess 5 episodes Ah MY Goddess TV 24 episodes what is the diffrent between them and thanks.
  8. i know that program but i have (megaman iso and (dead or alive) and it missing the movies so i just want to know if i can find them or atleast to have the intro of the games
  9. is there any site that allow me to download the movies from the playstation games and thank you
  10. i try to make them work but i only get black screan is there something that i can do to make them work
  11. maybe you have not understand me well i have not mean the courge part for link i mean the triforce thr three peaces beacouse i read about that in some sites
  12. what the deffrinces between them and can i got the trie force in the jap ver.
  13. i try to make the game work in the epsx 1.6 and i tride most of the video blugin and the game crash when the element scren appers and i play it on the emurayden and the key item scren is messing what i can do to make it work perfectly in any of these programs
  14. I got P3 667Mhz 265 ram and I use 800x600 32bit color
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