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  1. Sorry, I meant DDP2. I got both Don and Do Don running. I just haven't gotten DDP2 running.
  2. Thanks. I was kinda hopin' DDP2 would play in Nebula. Didn't Capcom have something to do with that one, or was it just distribution?
  3. Nebula? I wanna play the DonPachi games with Nebula. Is there any way to coax it into playing them?
  4. How do you remove the Echelon intros. I would like to know.
  5. I want the Japanese versions really just for personal preference, and I got the CVS Fan Disc with all the JP saves. I've checked Classic Sega and a few others, and the only Japanese games I can find are ones that were only released in Japan. Romster's target machine rejects me, and so far I haven't found anything on suprnova.
  6. Where can I find the Japanese version of SF3:TS, SFZ3, SSF2TX, CVS Pro and others? All I can seem to find are the US versions.
  7. 2.23. The one Weirdanzeige compiled. It's supposed to work with all roms, but I can't get this one to work.
  8. I'm using nebula. Can someone post their dat for this game and a link for where they got their rom from? I've downloaded about 5 different roms, tried all dats on this site and even created my own dats, but nothing seems to work.
  9. Is there a version of Nebula that plays all the new games like RoTD, KoF2k2, CTHD2003, MS4 (5), SvC, SSV, and PIM. The version I have now doesn't support PIM, CTHD2003, SvC, or MS5. It doesn't even have them listed in the all available roms list, and when I try to scan for them Nebula crashes. I'd really like to have nebula because that's the only one I can really work with dats and such on.
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