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  1. From the Project 64 GameFAQ: "Why are Link's clothes white? Your video hardware and/or drivers do not support the required blend mode - your system does not meet the minimum requirements (see User Manual)" the manual says a 16mb video card is the minimum needed, so it may just be that you need to mess around with the driver to get the correct blend mode. But check the manual to be sure your specific card fits the requirements, and any other requirements needed for PJ64,
  2. If anything were open right now, i'd go out and find me a used copy of SH1. After reading this thread, i miss that game, I never finished it. My wife would never watch me play it, because it disturbed her too much, LOL.
  3. A big bowl of Rice Chex! And if that's not avaliable, then a couple of pieces of toast or a banana.
  4. I didn't see anything about this story posted here, and yeah, it's from January, but i thought I'd share it...... Woman deletes ex's Lineage data in act of revenge Police say the couple originally met through the online role-playing game. One Japanese Lineage player recently suffered a serious setback after his ex-girlfriend illegally accessed his game account and deleted game data, including weapons, according to Mainichi Daily News. The 30-something Takaoka woman allegedly used her ex's user name and password to access the account. When police asked her why she did it, she told them, "I did it as revenge for breaking up with me," Mainichi reported. According to the Takaoka police, the couple reportedly met through the game in the fall of 2003 but soon broke up. Although the perpetrator didn't steal any actual money, the loss was still painful. Lineage players must spend hours earning the funds necessary to buy exorbitantly priced weapons and armor needed by higher-level chacters to survive in the online role-playing game.
  5. Toxic Avnger ws supposed to be sorta crap, that what Troma movies are all about. Crap, but still a cult classic. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Troma movies were always great for USA Network's Up All Night... I actually did enjoy the recent version of the Punisher, although it's pretty far from the comic. But I fell asleep about 30 mins into Daredevil. It's amazing just how many comic characters are possibly coming to the big screen in the next few years. Examples are Ghost Rider and Astro Boy(!!!) There was even talk a few years ago about Lobo becoming a movie.
  6. Saw about this on the news this week too. Mel Blanc, Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, and Fritz Freleng are probably rolling in their graves right now. I see it lasting a season or two, that's about it.
  7. hmm, well I am about 3 weeks behind in actually seeing this topic and posting, But Hi, I'm new
  8. After seeing some magazines givng slightly poor scores and reviews for Guardian Heroes Advance, i was hesitant about trying it, even though i am a huge fan of the original Saturn game. After playing a few levels though, I was hooked. Yes, it may have some horrible slowdown at times, and can be on the difficult side, but there is plenty to keep a true GH fan playing it through a couple of times, just to unlock the extra characters(though I wish the Undead Hero was playable). Underrated, yes, and definately worth a look.
  9. Mega Turrican is a good one for action fans. Also worth noting are: Chaos Engine Dragon's Fury Earthworm Jim 1 and 2 Jungle Strike Urban Strike
  10. RBS is definately a great game, probably my fave out of the whole Fatal Fury series, and one of the top 5 NeoGeo fighters around, IMO. Good selection of characters, and great backgrounds.
  11. As much as I like EA games, they're getting a bit carried away with all these acuisitions and attempted ones. Was bad enough when I heard that they won the exclusive right to the NFL license, but geez! Also, I thought i read in my latest Game Informer Mag that EA had already purchased 19% of UbiSoft. I don't have the mag around me right now, so i can't verify it for sure.
  12. With a GBA SP only being 70-80 bucks, and a large amount of people already owning one, they may not want to go out and buy another handheld just yet, at twice the price. I think nintendo 3rd party GBA developers will keep making games for at least a year, until they see how well the DS is selling.
  13. Could anyone tell me if RE2 is at least mostly playable in any of the emulators avaliable? I'd rather not bother downloading it if it's not. TIA
  14. NES - Tecmo Bowl Genesis - Contra Hardcorps Any of the Streets of Rage games Battle Mania 2 SNES -
  15. Well, I downloaded the glide64 wrapper and put the files in the directories, but i'm having no luck getting it to look like the pic's soulrage posted....Anyone else have success with glide64sp6, or sp8 even?
  16. Nope, it is not. Final Fight is emulated since it's CPS-1. As for Final Fight 2 and 3, I don't remember about the arcade versions being emulated, but at least they do have SNES ports. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> AFAIK (just checked the UnMAME's list), there never were arcade versions of Final Fight 2 or 3..but the list could be wrong....
  17. Although I also use MAME and Nebula, Kawaks is definately great for me because it's easy to rip game sprites and the like. Nebula is cool for it's NeoGeoCD capability, though.
  18. I was about to post a question regarding the same thing. I noticed it in KOF '97 plus(kof97pls). I'll try the others and post back later. In kof 97 plus, it only works in console mode Update: It works with the following games(and my zipfilenames for mame) KOF '97 Plus (kof97pls) KOF 2001 Plus (alt set) (kf2k1pla) KOF 2002 Plus (kf2k2pls) KOF 2003 Ultra Plus (kof2k3uf) KOF 2004 Special Edition (kf2k4spe) CTHD 2003 Super Plus (ct2k3sp) Z-Neo
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