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  1. Mag


    But why arent they touching each other!?!?!?? Actually it's my idea, and my work. I did it out of whims when I made my sig at the same time. Wiz is ma brolio, and I know what he wants; mostly cockblocked. but still, I could of made something err well in his request, he woulda want something very big, thinking like TSD I say he would need a 1920×1080 sig with IDM/capcom girls/shermie in it just cuz he's the 1emu trollm@ster, but right now I'm too lazy to make that.
  2. Have fun on crushing mode after hard. I'm sure you'll enjoy the last boss fight as much as I did. Substories are fun but I think Sega has gone way over their head by making you clear up to the hardest difficulties of all the mini-games. I think I'm gonna be throwing shit around if I can't plat because of the gay mini-games.
  3. Man.. I hate planning ahead but I might need your help for the plat. I fuckin hate these mini-games, it's prolly the platinum killer, I don't mind ex-mode but damn.. I barely got through a pool game last time I played it and that was hard. Fuck this platinum.
  4. Really? DOA5? I thought Itagaki is long overdue for the next DOA:Xtreme Volleyball sequel.
  5. chicken go cluck cluck, cow go moo, piggy go oink oink, how bout you? I..am a great magician... YOUR CLOTHES ARE RED!
  6. I'm trying out RDR getting the jist of it. In the midst of replaying Dream C Club but also continue playing Touhou, and Agarest.
  7. It's just the "been there done that" feeling I hate. No hard feelings for change, but I hate SF4 for other reasons, game is very original and what help elevate the fighting game scene but I hate the game for what it is.
  8. I think you are the 1st one that i know that love the Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign Yeah, I am still in Malaysia. But moving to Beijing, China in end Aug. Fingers crossed if they have better connection (although I doubt it). Don't forget Wizard as well. We loved TForce mode so much that we ignored the main game all together, because let's be honest here. They made something good and addictive with campaign unlike previous TForce mode *cough*devil within, T5, T4. LSD bro, count me in for some coop TForce cuz I'll still play it regardless of already owning the T6 plat (too easy).
  9. Mag


    WORD, homie you know me. Brah, TSD will download anything that's worth trying out, but we all know we're doing it for the lulz and the :3 It's the foundation really, the game itself was a huge step from MvC, it;s not the graphics, it's the gameplay they enhanced and the massive roster that what made it stood out even despite only 10+ so characters are commonly used now whereas the other 40+ others are not part of the competitive scene selection. MvC2 was big because it's not the same as mvc, sure it has the same formula but when this game gets a huge boost and I mean chaotic changes made to the sequel, it just blown everyone up in the scene and it's been played like cracked. Now, mvc3 came. People like me expected an upgrade, a new testament that would define the series once again... and what happened? the game sort of take a step backward but took off in a different direction. Don't get me wrong, it's not the visual, I could care less but would it hurt them to make something new and not rehash TvC? that's the point I've been passing all along, the game itself might feel like mahvel to some, but for me, it's tatsunoko all over again with mahvel characters. Change is good when you make good changes, so far the changes are stupid and the direction they're going for clearly aiming for a TvC rehash. I'll give it a chance if there's a demo soon but I'm not giving in to buy it, and especially at $60USD MSRP. Never do I spent that much on a video game unless it's back in my N64 days where Zelda OOT/MM was worth that amount.
  10. @LSD, your still in Malaysia? Because I usually scared of the players with red connections or yellow since they are the ones with obnoxious win ratio I seen on ranking so yeah I don't like treading chicken online as I never play able to get into a game with folks with more than a red bar. I think U.S. gave up on tekken but I still see japan, other countries would still played this online like it's crack. I don't like T6 and but I do like T6 Force Mode, it's one of the reason I came back over and over; rpg like elements, farming, etc. @Drake except that I make more stupid remarks on *cough*A@H than you ever did around that age. Just keep it real. @echo, shaddup. Your post count is laughable after all these years.
  11. Square-Enix is one thing but I wasn't much of a huge Squaresoft/Final Fantasy series fan. Sure I played and beat almost half the series but Marvel, Street Fighter, and Tekken (T1-TTT) is what define my childhood, those are the games I take in pride of and when Crapcom decides to do stupid shit to the series I loved, I just get mad salty and my loyalty begin slipping away which you see me rant like this. Don't get me wrong, this generation of Capcom games is what ruins it for me. Capcom has been my favorite company since the day I touch Street Fighter 2, same goes with Namco with Tekken 1, but when I look back, everything Capcom been doing was great. We get great releases but now they try to seem to cater us, well the newer generation of players but somehow misses me because I knew for the fact the series has been redefined but in a more stupid way. Just like how we went from a complicated, fun game like Street Fighter 3 to a more shortcut friendly, simple, scrub mashing piece of work like Street Fighter 4.
  12. Wizard


  13. Mag


    Inky, does that fact frighten you? it's already a fact. Dated back when East Coast hype everyone up on MvC2 and it continue to spread like wildfire. It's been clarified that the majority love their Mahvel, TvC on the Evolution stream. What's there to argue? it's been around for years that the majority are blacks that's been hyping up the Mahvel scene to a point, it became super serious business that it just fell into ludicrousness. Here's some examples of why it's 4real: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHqvEn1GNCI#t=9m11s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty7VUjGiGoA let's not forget: the hype machine is so good, a high amount of money is being played on the line. Heck up to as much as $5k.
  14. @Robbert: ROBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSUP! @veristic: I'm not, look a my post count and my registration date, almost feel like 50 post or so each year lol. @wiz: NIGGA!!!! TROLLSTATUS UNITE, FUCK EG, FUCK EMP, ITS TROLLM@STER ON 1EMO! @agozer: don't hate man, don't hate. @solidius: JEAAHHH, my homeboy wea u been? avoiding me like the plague after those vanilla SF4 beatings *tsk tsk* it's all back to shooters now? But yeah you know we're still repping wrestling. Bout to hype it out from now on, every single event (TNA, WWE, ROH, UFC), you name it. @bel: almost forgot your still here with that name change lol, yeah I figured things been a lot different but I'm hoping to carry on the responsibility in the absence of Gryph/GC. Bro, your the MVP of this place, much respect to you good sir. @disco: I retired mahvel a long long time ago since the game literally is unplayable for me(teleporting, skipping, lag) on PS3. Btw, Your ass is long overdue for that revenge beating in mvc1 after that BS morrigan slumber you pulled on me years ago. You better believe I still remember that, shit it's like chink on chink crime in comparison.
  15. Mag


    Look at this shit.. it's no wonder blacks like their mahvel and tatsunoku, it's a disease. Yall been loyal up that marvel ass so deep, ya literally disregard any changes or differences made to a new installment. It's one of those uhh ways right? buy first, think later? lol GG
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