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  1. Fun game, nothing better than whipping up on baseball gloves with legs. I did up some sprite rips from that game on my website, in the sprite rips section, just as an FYI
  2. Yup, almost a teenager now. Anyways, Happy Birthday to LordKanti and spyder x as well.
  3. you can do it from the dreamcast menu, with no game inserted. Just power up the DC and go into the VMU settings.
  4. I'd have to go with the Peppers. I'm not much into the hip-hop music, although the latest BEP song isn't too grating on my ears.
  5. I think i'd be compliant with the robber. Just let him go. The manager in that situation has some balls though, which may be more than can be said about the robber now, depending on where that shot hit exactly.
  6. I'd say she's pretty good looking. May not be "hot", but nothing I'd turn away, either. The blonde isn't too shabby as well
  7. Just keep leveling up frequently, and the given weapons will do enough damage. Right now, Suvo, you're at the range where you can attack most anyone and get a decent amount of exp. Once you get up to levels over 150, your targets become much more limited
  8. I'm sure if the servers are still up, there must be some diehard Dreamcast owners still playing on them. I can see PSO and Quake III servers being up, but Maximum Pool? The game wasn't even worth buying....
  9. maybe posts with poor spelling should not count, lol
  10. Sad, I don't have any of those games.
  11. I guess they don't pay their marketing department or whatever department comes up with name suggestions enough to do any better than that. To me, sounds kinda like a name for a moped or something....wait, that's vespa, lol.
  12. i checked a few sites, and i'm not seeing any english language packs for it, so you may be outta luck until someone compiles it into english, or maybe puts out a language file for it
  13. Can you change it to English with the language option in the menu? It may be set to Japanese by default.
  14. I kinda wanted to share this with some of you guys. This makes me even more proud of my dad. The local newspaper did a front page article last Sunday on him , and his hospice work with cancer patients and war veterans. A bit of preface before this article about my dad. He used to be a heavy smoker and drinker(beer mostly), and was mostly not real sociable. After being diagnosed with esophageal(sp) cancer, and beating it, he stopped smoking and drinking, and took up hospice work. He also mentors a few students at my old school, and is also a member of Bikers Against Child Abuse, along with my mother. It amazes me how much of a change overcoming cancer has brought to him, and I know he, and many of the people he now helps, are better off for it. http://www.claremoreprogress.com/archive/article20960
  15. Yeah, it's the top story on my local 10pm news right now. They said it's been pulled off all local stores.
  16. The storyline seems pretty interesting, and the trailer definately makes it seem action packed. I'll probably check it out when it opens.
  17. I beleive all the dreamcast servers are now gone. But maybe from a collector's standpoint, it'd be worth it.
  18. Apalled, yes. Surprised a game like this would appear eventually, no. It'll just end up being a niche game, played by a small handful of people.
  19. well deserved. congrats robbbert! now just easy with the a-bombs, ok?
  20. One of my favorite Scotty moments in the movies was in IV or V (been too long) but Scotty says "I know this ship like the back of my hand" right before smacking right into a corridor girder. As slapstick as it was, the sequence still stays with me.
  21. On my belly, mostly. Sometimes on my left side.
  22. Actually, yeah, after eating a handful or two of licorice jelly beans.
  23. -around 5'4 - 5'8 -hair color: anything but blonde -eye color - green -likes outdoor activities -breasts: 36D -shapely legs -fun-loving personality -at least some intelligence -MUTE (j/k)
  24. Probably in most cases, the soldiers aren't seriously thinking much about the crap that's around them, until they are removed from the situation in some way. I honestly don't think it's possible to totally mentally prepare for war. Yeah, you can see videos of the destruction it brings, and hear the stories, but until you're face to face with it, it's doubtful one's mind can fully comprehend it. Even then, it may be pushed back into the inner depths of someone until later on down the road. Look at how many Vietnam vets and original Gulf War vetrans suffer from PTSD. In some cases it doesn't show up until years later. by the way, shouldn't it be morale, instead of morals?
  25. on average once every other day. If I'm on a taco bell binge, with lots of fire sauce, then 2-3 times a day
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