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  1. ROFLMAO!!!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nice to see the pope wears the same hairstyle as Donald Trump.
  2. Well said, Dooz. My son is at the age to where he has a pretty good understanding of what is going on in the world around him, and we usually have talks about some of the stuff when he visits me. I don't expect my son to learn what's right and what's wrong from watching TV, or from his teachers, even. I do expect him to learn from my experiences that I have had in life, and those that his mother shares with him. I helped create him, and I enjoy every moment that I get trying to help him lead an enjoyable life, short term and long term.
  3. I thought that the Onimusha series was supposed to end on the third one? I guess popularity(and $$$) dictates otherwise.
  4. Isn't this about the 10th or 12th megaman game made for GBA? Not that I'm complaining, they've been pretty cool so far
  5. http://www.kotv.com/main/home/stories.asp?...page=1&id=81704 This is really disturbing to me since the town and school itsself are about 15 minutes from me. What happened to the days when 5th graders just had fun, playing on recess, and other good natured things? News like this always bothers me, being a parent of an 11 year old myself
  6. The Rumble Fish, would be my guess..never heard of it myself
  7. Duh, it's a god damn RPG thats going to be indulged with so much kanji, katakana and romaji it ain't funny. And the possibly the best reason why it isn't a fighting game is. Everyone is SICK to DEATH of VS games. Doesn't matter if it's from Capcom OR Namco, it's just too god damn overused PERIOD. Yet, everyone wants it to be a fighting game because theres so much potential. Can you see the irony in being a fan(boy or not)? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Besides, 200 characters for a fighting game would be overkill. I like fighters, but after beating one with 7 or 8 different characters, I'd be bored of it anyways. This is a much better choice for the game.
  8. Game: Kizuna Encounter - Super Tag Battle System: Neo Geo / Arcade Emulators: Kawaks, Nebula, Mame, or any other NeoGeo emulator This 1996 SNK release is the followup to 1995's "Savage Reign". With this, SNK seemed to put forth a lot more effort, and it shows, topping Savage Reign in almost every category. 10 characters, eight old, two new, are selctable, and the two bosses, King Leo and Jyazu, are selectable via a code(see further down). The two new characters, Rosa and Kim, are much better selections than the two characters they replaced from Savage Reign, Nicola and Carol. This time, however, you can select 2 fighters for battle. Depending on the characters you select, you may even have an extra, one v one fight against your partner if you beat the game. The graphics in this game are much better than in Savage Reign. Overall, stages have a darker atmosphere to them, giving the feeling of a more sinister storyline (even though there really isn't much of one) Character sprites are still large, and the zoom effect is carried over from SR as well. Control-wise, Kizuna encounter is simple, but very effective. A punches, B kicks, and C is for weapon attacks. C is also used with the joystick forward or back for throws. Pressing A+B together activates the "sway move", to avoid an enemies attack, while keeping you close enough for a quick counter. You can also press forward with A+B to circle around your opponent for a back attack. Combos and special moves in battle seem to flow fluidly and frequently for most characters, and each character has a wide variety of moves at their disposal. The D button this time is used to tag your partner into battle, but you may only tag characters when you are in the appropriate "zone", marked on the ground by a red or blue box. If you are taking a beating, and not near your designated tag zone, you could be in for even more punishment. In using the tag feature, I guess SNK decided to drop the two-tier level play that was found in Savage Reign. While the two-teir gameplay was fun, if I had to chose between it, and tag-play, I'd choose the latter. I like the sound in Kizuna Encounter better as well. It's a bit crisper sounding, and gives more of a "get into and kick the crap outta somebody" feel, to me at least.The sound effects are also improved over SR. Thankfully they kept in Mezu's and Gozu's "Fist of the North Star" voice effects. One other thing I want to mention, is the difficulty of the bosses. While King Lion in SR was no pushover, he is NOTHING compared to the likes of King Leo, and the end boss, Jyazu. In my opinion, King Leo is actually harder thatn Jyazu. His attacks are swift and deadly, and his combos can drain life in a flash. If you want to actually use these characters in the game, do the following: -On the character select screen, move to cursor to Mezu then highlight the following characters in this order- Mezu, Kim, Rosa, Gozu, Rosa, Kim, Mezu, Gordon, Joker, Eagle, Hayate, Chung, King Lion & Gozu. Now press D. You should listen Jyazu's laugh to confirm the code, now select Gozu and press Up to reveal Jyazu or select King Lion and press Up to reveal King Leo. Note though that if you choose either King Leo or Jyazu, you will not have a partner. Overall, this game is a blast to play, and kicks it's predecessor in every way. No Neo Geo fan should skip playing this game at least once, and once you do, it may become an underrated favorite. I highly recommend any fighting game fan try this game as well! Control: 9 Gameplay: 9 Graphics: 8.5 Sound: 7.5 Overall: 8.5 Grade: B Overall I give it a thumbs up!
  9. Thanks Diso. Yeah, Kizuna Encounter is the sequel, I plan on doing it next. Matter of fact, I could spend some time with that now
  10. Well, since I was already posting here, I went ahead and threw that in there It could have been anything, that sprite is just what I was working on at the time.
  11. If we said that, then everyone would think we're just of bunch of people who can't type properly, lol Maybe we should have a contest to see who could come up with a new banner, and make a thread where everyone could post their submissions, with new catchphrases or whatnot? Just a thought
  12. Wasn't aware that B&N owned Gamestop. Maybe they should think about using one corner of their stores for games and such. They already have their little coffee shop/snackbars and an audio section in them, why not throw in a games section?
  13. That sounds about as much a rip-off as a local game store giving me $12 for my SFIII: 3rd Strike Dreamcast game, and then they were trying to sell it for 40!
  14. maybe try using a different program to burn the iso or bin files?
  15. That was almost perfect SNK engrish, Drake The box art is cool, hopefully the game will be better.
  16. Geez, busy day for business aquisitions...Nest thing you know, Microsoft will buy JASC Software, then we'll have MSPaint-shop
  17. I'll take tight control and solid gameplay over kickass graphics, I hope the former is as good as the latter on this one
  18. Great, so now Gamestop is actually 4 stores: Babbage's, EB, Software Etc, and Funcoland...Almost like EA swallowing up competition.
  19. I decided to miss work today, back is kinda messed up, and I have other issues I'm trying to deal with today as well, but I decided to make a "banner" of sorts, since I enjoy this site so much It's very simple, and I'll probably improve on it in time. The ken sprite actually came from the Namco x Capcom trailer.
  20. There was also talk that Namco, since they are the publisher, may not release it outside of Japan because the PS2 is near the end of it's life cycle, but I think they'd be stupid not to, given the popularity of the PS2 worldwide, plus the popularity of both those companies.
  21. It made #1 at the box office this weekend, so it must not be too bad of a remake. I'll give it another week and see how it holds before I decide whether to see it in a theater or wait for a DVD release.
  22. This really isn't right, but I guess it shows that people will bet on anything, LOL. http://www.oddschecker.com/betting/mode/o/odds/124960x
  23. might try disabling the MDEC. Some games give epsxe problems when running the opening movie. Also try using a Soft GPU. I don't have the game myself anymore, so I can't test it personally.
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