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  1. It does contain the newer NeoGeo games, plus alot of hacks
  2. Actually, i just downloaded v.97 yesterday. Not for sure if I should post the link. If any mods or admins finds or knows of anything bad on this site, just please remove the link EDIT: Dammit, that site has BIOS files. Good site though, thanks.
  3. Go us. But even I find that impossible, right now only half the nation has internet according to EGM magazine. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> But figure in the size of the U.S., and that many people live in rural areas, where it might take the use of long distance to access any internet numbers, or where cable/dsl has not been established yet, that's probably why it's only half.
  4. I'm not seeing anything like that on the Mametester's site, so I would guess it's been fixed.
  5. BC Story is cool, it reminds me of Caveman Games or Caveman Olympics whatever is was called on the old nes. Would Daisu-Kiss be considered chibi? For some reason, that game is addicting, but I don't understand a single word in the game, so the quiz portions are hard.
  6. just put any png or bmp pictures you want to use into the bkground folder. In the mame32 plus versions there is a spot in the options drop down menu to change the bg image, not sure if that is there in the official mame32 though, so you may have to look around for it.
  7. Yes, Zone Alarm is evil. If you are really using that, ditch it and get something else. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Is it just evil for using torrents, or just evil period? I use it, and it does't seem to affect me downloading from the web, as far as speeds go. I'm just on 56k though so maybe that would make a difference.
  8. Cleopatra's Fortune and the Magical Drop games. Puzz Loop 2 just didn't seem as fun as the first one to me, though.
  9. I can speak a small amount of Spanish. I'd like to learn Japanese, and probably one or two other languages such as German or Russian
  10. More offtopic-ness: It's one of the best movies ever. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Continuing: Yes, yes it is. Jean Reno kicks ass but rarely chews bubblegum. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Continuing more: Yep, Leon is my hero, and the movie is one of my all-time faves.
  11. No, a horizontal SHMUP. http://www.neogeoforlife.com/neo_reviews/blazing_star.php Those screens hardly do it justice. You need to hear it and see it in action. It's a sequel to Pulstar (one of the hardest games on the Neo-Geo ever.) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Exactly...I need to get on the ball and get my review on it going.
  12. May not exactly be my top 5, but it's the ones i play most frequently as of late. 1. Kizuna Encounter 2. Metal Slug 3 3. Blazing Star (/me agrees with Agozer) 4. World Heroes Perfect 5. KOF '96
  13. Track and field and Super Dodgeball are great choices. Might also try Arch Rivals, high impact football, or double dribble.
  14. or in Nebula, it's F2..I think it's the same in MAME as well
  15. or you can check out the Neo Encyclopedia at http://sindoni.altervista.org/neoencyclopedia/
  16. You might have another application such as AV software running at that moment.
  17. I lift weights at work, and play soccer or basketball once, maybe twice a week, so that's my workout schedule.
  18. If I remember correctly though, KI Gold wasn't really playable in any of the n64 emulators yet, it wouldn't show the characters correctly. Or has this been fixed?
  19. Seems to be working fine now, i got on with no probs, and no d/c yet
  20. hehe, Happy 30th birthday Superman, welcome to the 1Emulation Senior Citizen's group. Even more exclusive than the 100+ level club ( i can only think of 3 others besides myself in it, lol)
  21. I thought the Mame Plus build added the gambling games that were removed from the official builds long ago, along with pong and a couple of other "simulated" games?
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