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  1. There are still a few *special* builds that can probably still be found, but the mamedev team has been trying to crack down on the unofficial builds that have been allowing newer games to be played. If you know how to compile mame, the best bet would be to grab the latest source and compile your own, with the newer games and such in it.
  2. Probably any of those ways...According to the vbalink website, you can pull up multiple copies of the emulator on one computer and link them, or you can do it over a LAN. And I'm pretty sure you could do it over the net as well.
  3. Those are awesome, Daeval. Good work! BTW, what in the world is SVC Midnight Bliss on your page? Is that an actual game?
  4. Tried my hand at a logo.... Two more, basically the same, just a different font and a couple of other tweaks...
  5. Unfortunately, this is the kind of BS that gets reported on in the news here in good ol' America. This one was all over the idiot-box today. I'm not sure if it's just that this kind of thing happens in America, or that our media loves to report any one-sided, poorly presented "story" that will illicit a knee-jerk reaction from the public. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yep, it was one of the main stories on the news yesterday. Might have been either a slow news day, or like you said, Daeval, a story brought to the forefront to gain the reaction that I am sure it did. At least the officers didn't offer to shoot the girl.
  6. Blazing Star is pretty much a sequel, yeah. Even though it's made by a different company (Yumekobo), it has the same look and feel, and the ship from Pulstar is one of the selectable ships you can use.
  7. Game: Pulstar System: Neo Geo / Arcade Emulators: Kawaks, Nebula, Mame, or any other NeoGeo emulator For 1 or 2 players Pulstar, one of two Aicom games to appear on the Neo Geo, is a shooter that could almost pass as a sequel to the legendary R-Type. Weighing in at over 300 megs, Pulstar was one of the first,(if not the first), games to use rendered sprites on the Neo Geo. Eight harrowing levels await your "shmup" skills, and you'll need some quick reflexes and fast firing fingers to make it through. You'll find yourself flying through water filled caverns, across a firey planet's surface, and into the deep reaches of outer. All the while wave after wave of enemies will greet you, many in the large, takes 10 hits to kill variety. After surviving, you'll meet up with a gigantic boss at the end of each stage. Most of the graphics have a very similar look to those found in R-Type. The ship itsself is slightly different, but the powerup carriers, many enemies, backgrounds and even some of the bosses give you that feel that you might have played this game before, only years earlier. The backgrounds are fairly lackluster, sans a couple of stages. With all of the action you face in the forefront, there is little time to look and wish for better behind it all. Even though the sprites look a bit degraded at times, to even have a game of this graphic intensity on the Neo Geo is quite a feat. Pulstar relies on a simple 2 button setup. *A* will fire your main weapon, and holding the button down will charge your weapon up for a powered shot. *A* coupled with *B* will launch your Pod Laser, which is pretty much the exact same thing that was used in the R-Type games. The Pod Laser attatches to the front of your ship, deflecting shots and provinding extra firepower for you. When it is launched, it can either explode in an array of beams, or crash directly into an enemy, dealing major damage to everything it touches, including bosses. Be warned though, that in Pulstar, once you launch your pod, it does not come back to you, it's lost until you gain another pod powerup. The sound in Pulstar comes in the standard shooter flavor. There are some nice tunes to blast away by, but nothing that just stands out better than others. The effects are nice, as booming explosions go, for that is mainly what you will hear with all the enemies you have to try and mow through. One of the only "gripes" I might have with this game is the slowdown that occurs on nearly every level. But even this is acceptable, given that fact that there in an ungodly amount of sprites on the screen every second of each level. Even for a monster such as the Neo Geo, this game pushes the hardware quite hard. The slowdown can be advantageous at times, allowing an extra fraction of a second that is sometimes the difference between life and death as you avoid the showers of bullets. As far as shooters on the mighty Neo Geo go, this is top of the class in my books. Good graphics, a challenging difficulty, and massive boss battles make for one hell of a ride. Taking most of it's key elements from a shmup legend such as R-Type doesn't hurt it, either. It may not be very original in concept, but it's a can't miss for shooter fans. Control: 9 Gameplay: 9.5 Graphics: 9.5 Sound: 7 Overall: 8.75 Grade: B+ Overall I give it a thumbs up!
  8. Must be the emoticon inspector I heard was making rounds on message boards.
  9. yup, fake......next contestant!!!
  10. My friend got the game a few weeks ago. I like the setting of being on a boat rocking back and forth from the waves, and how it affects your character, the enemies, and environmental objects. I may have to borrow his ps2 and the game for a weekend and give it a try. That is a good way to draw people in though, making a site like that, with pictures and all.
  11. Spin Masters for Neo Geo, and then Sengoku 3 with my son, until my control pad screwed up, and he could pretty much only move to the right. Brings back arcade memories!
  12. Might try vbaLink, based off of Visual Boy Advance http://vbalink.wz.cz/
  13. Ahh much better. Looks a lot less fake to me now that it has some "depth" to it.
  14. Looks kinda like a car stereo to me. Really could use more than just a front shot.
  15. Is there an actual point to it though, other than just trying to move letters around?
  16. Boogie Wings Diet Go Go Double Wings Pocket Gal Deluxe I think that's all
  17. Maybe Valgar will make a return then, he was my favorite character in SS2.
  18. Yeah, there's no limit on 16+ year olds
  19. taken from Child Labor Coalition http://www.stopchildlabor.org/USchildlabor/fact1.htm
  20. I thought the 3rd one was ok, just had high damage amounts for attacks, if that's the same gripe you had, Gryph.
  21. Jin vs. Woodstock. That's the battle I've been waiting for since the series started! Or maybe they'll make Peppermint Patty Teaches Numbers for the PS3.
  22. There ya go, go from trying to surf the web for money, to betting, and probably end up owing a guy with a middle name of "the" a few grand, then you'll think back to this thread and say" Damn I should have listened to Gryph and done the lemonade stand".
  23. You'd probably have to edit the autoexec.bat file so that it kicks it back out to dos after it shows the windows booting screen, then have it run a dos based MAME frontend.
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