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Showcase 2 will have alot of arcady console games..

Serious question if you wanta take my question wrong feel free to argue :) ...how many arcade mame games will be included and running good in showcase 2? last showcase had around 800 and something....the more the merrier am I right any one else use coinops just for mame like me? is this showcase gonna include your 1500 recomended games?


cya britney :) wondering what combustion will look like hmmmm perhaps will it be that xbmc style setup you showed us awhile back...if so NIIIIIICCCCEEEEE

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just go scale....if your in HD it scales to 16:9 and in SD its 4:3 I can add an option to change this in R9 if you want an scale uses Automatic-4/3-16/9 also pixel perfects use these ratios as well

im sorry, but this doesnt quite answer my question. what pixel perfect setting should i use? (1,2,3,autofit,overfit,10x11)? i guess im just confused. if i can just use the scale option to get what i want (the correct aspect ratio for each game scaled onto my screen), then what are all of these other options for??

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wait for doccumentation....I cant be bother explaining it sorry...for like most just use default or scale


showcase 2 will have 1500 odd mame games...(Xbox) you stopped it going live last time :) I could care less and yes you can go and take a look I didnt get anything deleted....ive had it done for 6 months the arcade side hehehehehe it will be a little bit more of what that was...rx games would be added if maybe...if he wanted to work on it but he must do this stuff at the right time as im busy with lots of stuff on the go..most of his games look like clutter to me anyways


The Gui....will not be totaly diff the xbmc interface is my xbmc and thats being updated at present also but runs all arcade games automatically listing them

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looking at someone who voted this down yet asks for stuff...actually more than one of you....


why are people such hypocrites.....they say they hate it yet come here and ask stuff for it :) and expect me to listen that they are honest people


in short why are people like this???? are they bad people...confused people...bitter people??? or something else


as if it isnt easy to get votes up and or even just put them admistratorly in....and the thread info is a plain give away anyways...I changed my name and showed them this stuff means nothing....people are smarter than they give them credit for I think...and can make there own mind up


a new thread will be soon for new voting


ok new thread about what people want next if it gets low votes ill tell you who and lock it down and do what I feel like :) and you can ask them why I did what I wanted myself



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zhoul ive tried xport stuff and think its bad...I change between hd and sd all the time and I have to resize every game...and I have 4000...also I dont want to resize 4000games.... I might allow xml locking....eg you can tell it to be x2 x3 or pixel perfect fit (where you can set the box size to autofit it to yourself....so it is allways on screen...or overscan....so it will go outside your screensize adjusments but be warned it will crop....Pixel Perfect Auto Fit it will never crop the video ever)


Anyways there are so many modes one can run....monitor on side...10x11 pixel....widescreen correction for sd monitor for cps1 and cps2 (never done before that ive seen).....and soe of these things like monitor on side 10x11 etc require a reboot they arnt just screensizing....


Cheers for stuff rx....I havent looked at them yet but in time ill get around to at least looking at the vids


good luck



With older versions of CoinOPS, we used to set the screen size one time for all the games and use bilinear filtering to smooth the stretched image. With XML locking -- could I set one game to use that classic stretched mode, while using point filtering and 2x pixel perfect for another? All without having to modify the settings every time I switch games?


If so, I'd say this would be a fair compromise because this gives us the option to run the occasional fussy games in classic mode, while allowing a slew of other games to benefit from pixel perfect mode with point filtering.

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here is the link to r8 for everyone who needs it .



it wll be here for 24hrs.

"The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable."

Edit: Works fine. Patience is helpful at times.

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