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on going changes to a few drivers....cps2....cps1....dk.... plus all the changes from r5 to r8 games wise and there are a few....ill fix the dat stuff for showroom


no offense but your list needs alot of source fixes and also is wrong in alot of areas that I know as I run the games...not to sure about the older ones you have its more the bigger newer ones


sorry but once again no offense ive delt with this stuff along time ago and dont want to go back its will be part of full build...


ask funanchu or stf or even run088 to help you...as you are behind the 8 ball

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You should have your people use my model as a go-to source for release.


No offence, but nobody I know has been able to get a hold of any of your "full builds" in the last few years besides 1 or 2.


I'd like to add R7 or R8 in my set because it fixes some pixel stuff, but I won't be adding it if it will break games I'm including and there is no alternate source to find the good versions.

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oh well it will be sorted in good time....if I really wanted it sorted as you know it would have been rectified along time ago.....I have a path and its all going along nice...


but the anwser is R5 is old.... and this is on going...so yes there are many changes



RX no offense but im ignoring what ever you say now.... its of no real importance to where im heading good luck with your extras...I wish you well...please ask on other site about stuff or pm someone as I have no desire to support whatever your achieving...I gave you ample opotunity at times for me to fix the stuff, no one I know of is interested in your direction and I personally dont believe you have the knoweldge to help in the mame realmI know you think im being a bastard or what ever but ive given you your chances for me to put in features for you and unless you take them while im asking you to help on that stuff (like cos did) I wont be doing it for you unless I want it in...then it will go in...its nothing personal....so good luck but as stated for years im really not interested in what you want....and I have thought about it , but its nothing I can see I even want to consider in the future...so its not on my todo list sorry...

Best of luck


Garcimak any comments on screen rotation?

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most will work but not all....also you dont realise how wrong alot is on your list....please get some mame help from people that know what they are doing.....



yes :) its as per other thread running now and is in public discussion...also its well underway




RIGHT NO MORE RX.... YOU HAVE HAD YOUR CHANCE.... IM MUTING YOUR STUFF AS NOT HELPING ME GO FORWARD ITS STUFF THAT HAS BEEN DONE ALONG TIME AGO...once again sorry and best of luck....but understand im ignoring you now if you could bring real help to the project that will change

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Have you fixed those names?

Answer=NO not to what you want...to what I choose


Will all the roms that worked in R5 work in R8?

Answer=most but not all


Will you ever have your team make an easy to get and configure set in the future?

Answer=yes :) its as per other thread running now and is in public discussion...also its well underway CoinOPS SHOWROOM

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new option added

INTERFACE Sort By Name Arcades & Home Merged = ENABLED disabled


List is sorted by - A-Z as before

List is sorted by - Arcades A-Z then Non Arcades A-Z so all non arcades are at the bottom of the lists and there split apart to easily see what is what...also fast find jumps A-Z arcades then A-Z non arcades


so everythings in for R8 now.....just bug bashing left

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