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  1. hello boys and girls.... long time.... '20/10/2012' then 'october 20' was written by me, I was smashed on Brandy I can change it if it bothers you Anywho, I see this serious CoinOPS thread has turned a little sour In other news its nice to see Waal back... Hello Waal ! I read a few pages back about the people downloading the same stuff they already got from the last build... to be honest it just ensures that people who aint too good at moving roms and files about can use it easily with a single drag n drop.... everyone has the same build so we dont get lots of posts like "why dont pacm
  2. Q - Can I filter to Arcade Only? A - Yes change the FILTER setting to Filter to Arcades only pressing the Black button will switch between Arcades Only and All Games Note - You can then lock it to Favs only and this would lock it into only Arcade Games
  3. CoinOPS4 reports an error when unpacking. One of the skin files has become corrupt, unsure why this has happened but I will attach missing file below. Please note CoinOPS4 will still unpack and run but The HD skin 11 (1941 I think) will not display, Please use link below, download and unzip, then replace 11HD http://www.mediafire.com/?j0l2j2d1jx04rcr
  4. While I have no idea how Golden Torrent works despite reading the Golden Torrent Wiki, I am sure it is still a great achievment ! Thanks UG This will really help people get the torrent without account bans and still have many seeders !
  5. CoinOPS 4 is now officially released at UG If you struggle for ratio then PM on UG and I will grace you enough GB needed to help download CoinOPS4 so you do not get banned. However this is on an agreement to seed a minimum of 1:1 (More if you can) *** IMPORTANT UPDATE *** CoinOPS4 reports an error when unpacking. CoinOPS4 will still unpack and run but The HD skin 11 (1941 I think) will not display, I am unsure why this has happened but I will attach missing file below. Please use link below or attachment, download and unzip, then replace 11HD http://www.mediafire.com/?j0l2j2d1jx04
  6. Either way... move, delete whatever.... This section could see a lot of action, there are lots of topics over at Coinops Project that information can be taken from.
  7. I personaly think you should consider deleting or moving the threads from the past and the stuff no longer in support and start a fresh with all this new stuff we have been doing at CoinOPS Project. Its your choice obviously, I just think the past is the past.... Look towards the future ! Ace
  8. Hey Fella, Offical support availible by googling Coinops Project. (Coinops is a banished topic to most people who live here) Fu I hope you are well..... did Snesorma vanish? onto business: The main question I would also be asking is what size is the HDD in the xbox? Its ok having 36GB of coinops but with a stock HDD you wont have room. Tristian I hope you are also well... Link removed for you, but there was no http: so technically it was not a link, just friendly advise.
  9. All modded games are welcomed, please do upload them
  10. i wouldnt besides i see you copyrighted your images with a small tag
  11. yes it is i understand if you dont want it hosted there i also recommend arcadecontrols.com they have a project section
  12. seriously though +T+ , Im not the guy you think i am, im actully a nice guy... I just think we got off on the wrong foot. any who... good luck peace
  13. easy fella i was kidding but its the roms you do not own you cannot ask for (ask someone to PM you a link ), its ok to talk about the emus with illegal bios files like the ones used for neogeo (just kiddin) I dont even know if they use the bios files its just a guess... i just play the games I can tell you *snip* has all you need google is your friend
  14. very nice, with your permission i would like to post this on another site with a section dedicated to xbox arcade machines
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