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  1. Fight for Vengeance for the sega megadrive. link below [code]https://www52.zippyshare.com/v/vTQWEZU5/file.html[/code] mirror [code]https://1fichier.com/?lbg6m5kpom71ng4qcbq0[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/ham0Y1O3xd/Fight_for_Vengeance_PD_2022_zip[/code]
  2. Retroarch 1.7.7 Unofficial v2 for xbox update by tabajara02 [quote] New: - Option to take in game screenshots is visible in quick menu and working now. - Added macros in some configurations to make the things more particular for each core. Now each core has his own retroarch.cfg, core.cfg, background wallpapers and other options. Notes: - My last Retroarch unofficial version - RGUI can only load low res wallpapers unfortunately. But it's the way the RGUI works. - I having some trouble to make both screenshots and boxarts working together after exiting and loading the core again. Only the screenshots loads for me, and the option to turn on the boxarts always goes back to off. If someone knows how to make this option work in retroarch, please give me some help. - Make a backup of your saves, playlists, screenshots,etc and replace all files-folders with the new files.[/quote] link [code]https://www51.zippyshare.com/v/OZlon3to/file.html[/code] mirror [code]https://1fichier.com/?423iierx7lqf6cmcn8ye[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/leR0SbN6xb/Retroarch_1.7.7_v2_xbox_zip[/code]
  3. MAMEoXtras 10th Anniversary by arcadez [quote] new games now supported Come Back Toto Dice - The Dice Game Dolmen Master's Fury Oriental Legend Special (ver. 101, Korean Board) Snow Brothers 3 - Magical Adventure Xeno Crisis (Neo Geo MVS) games fixed and now playable Chouji Meikyuu Legion Dragon Bowl Legion - Spinner-87 Momoko 120% Operation Wolf Thunder Hoop Tokio / Scramble Formation Under Fire games with graphical improvments 1945k III Ambush Armed Formation Big Run (11th Rallye version) Buggy Challenge Chouji Meikyuu Legion Crazy Climber 2 Dragon Bowl Dragon Master In Your Face Kodore Ookami Legion - Spinner-87 Magical Crystals The Legend of Kage Terra Force Twin Action games now with improved sound Air Buster Dragon Bowl Pack 'n Bang Bang Twin Action Operation Wolf C-Chip simulation Reverted back to an older but more stable c-chip sim from MAME98 to prevent the game crashing on level 2 (end of level boss) and on level 6 (final boss sequence). Taito Protectio MCU Added the protection mcu to the following game which is now playable and 100% emulated.. Tokio / Scramble Formation General Fixes And Improvements Games Fixes and Improvements Added Bryan McPhail's C-Chip sim code for Operation Wolf from MAME98 and modded it slightly so the final end boss and enemy has located you mini levels can now be played [arcadez] Rolled back the Taito_x driver back to MAME72 to fix missing and or broken graphics in Superman and Twin Hawk [arcadez] Sorted some sound niggles in Twin Hawk which would occur when the screen gets fairly busy [arcadez] Support a new and improved priority prom for in Your Face in the megasys1 driver which fixes the previously broken mini game and some other graphical issues [dink, arcadez] Fixed level four crash in Thunder Hoop and continue screen text distortions in Squash due to previously unknown refresh rate protection in both games [MAME Dev Team, arcadez] Fixed graphical priorities in Thunder Hoop by using bigkarnak video update call [dink, arcadez] Added support for the MVS version of Xeno Crisis to the Neo Geo driver [arcadez] Added fake gunsights for Under Fire game now playable [mahoneyt944] Fixed some graphical niggles in Dragon Master and added support for Master's Fury to the drgnmst.c driver [arcadez] Backported some fixes for a couple of games in the armedf.c driver garbage sprites covering the entire playfield in Legion and a timer crash bug in Kodore Ookami [arcadez] Added sprite clut cycling colour effects for all games in the armedf.c driver fixes red ninja display in Kodore Ookami and makes Armed Formation etc etc look far prettier [arcadez] Fixed sound in Dolmen and Twin Action then sorted an mcu simulation issue in Task Force Harrier [grant2258] Improved road vs scenery priorities meaning you dont see things that should be hidden behind the hills appearing all over the road in Jaleco's Big Run [arcadez] Fixed some graphical problems where the colours were wrong on level 3 and half the screen was missing eg rendered black in Buggy Challenge [arcadez] Added support for Dice - The Dice Game a bootleg of the undumped DiceDiceDice by IREM to the M90 driver [arcadez] Added a new protection simulation to pgm.c so that Oriental Legend Special - Xi You Shi E Zhuan Super (ver. 101, Korean Board) now works in this core [arcadez] Hooked up the M68705 protection MCU for the official Taito USA version of Tokio / Scramble Formation game now playable [dink, arcadez] Fixed some graphical priority and screen display area niggles which affected The Legend Of Kage [arcadez] Fixed missing adpcm sound effects in Pack 'n Bang Bang and hooked up the sound correctly for Blood Warrior [arcadez] Added support for a special sprite effect to kaneko16 video used by Magical Crystals on the first boss [arcadez] Added a missing graphical sprite effect which handles enemy damage flashes in 1945k III [arcadez] Better balanced the sound in Kaneko's Air Buster [arcadez] Fixed palette colours in Ambush [mahoneyt944][/quote] new roms included in the download. link [code]https://www85.zippyshare.com/v/QZLPbQAt/file.html[/code] mirror [code]https://1fichier.com/?3iwq586add89fq8iw3rm[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/z0ecQ9Mdx8/MAMEoXtras_10th_Anniversary_rar[/code]
  4. [quote] Hi guys, tabajara here... I've a pcsxbox build that i have been working on for some months for my tests and personal use. It already have some nice features that i would like to share. Features: - 3 cores to select. 1.4, 1.5 plus and reloaded. - 1.4 core. The fastest one. It uses the old gte and old counters code. Added 2 more recompiled opcodes in dynarec from 1.5 version to run even faster and included the xport fix for medievel for this dynarec. - 1.5 Plus core. More compatible than 1.4 core. CDDA games support, new counters code. - Reloaded core. Even more compatible than 1.5 core. CDDA games support, new counters and new GTE code. - 2 NEW GPU Plugins. unaigpu-old from pcsx4all and unaigpu by senquack. They are faster than peops gpu most of time. Some games increase up to 7-8 fps. Savestates from peos gpu plugin are compatible with this 2 new plugins thanks to notaz from pcsx rearmed. - bin/cue, z./z.table(pocket iso compression) and CHD support images. - Added madmab fix for Codename tenka - Front Mission 3 fix (leg 0 hp fix )for x86 dynarec in all cores.This fixes random crashes in 'Front Mission 3' battles: When a mech is destroyed, especially from leg damage, the animation often caused a crash. Fix based on pcsx4all emulator by senquack Notes: - CHD games works in all cores but CDDA games(Tomb Raider 1-2 for example) only works on 1.5 plus and reloaded core. As well CDDA games compressed to CHD. - Don't expect miracles from the new gpu. It's faster but it still a software gpu (slower than a HW gpu). Some games have glitches that doesn't have in peops gpu. But some games have nice results. In my tests dino crisis 2, some mortal kombat games, megaman x series runs at full speed using the right settings as well other games. - There's a new spu called fran spu around the code that i forgot to remove. It works and it's slight faster than peops spu. It's about 1-2 fps faster, but the sound output is not good and not compatible with peops spu savestate, so it's not recommended. - There's a option in the cpu options called "Enable Bias Hack". This options brings a fps boost if the game dont use all the psx cpu power like 2d games and some 3d games. If this options is "ON" and the game is "psx cpu demanding", lags and slowndowns will appear. - It uses the old xport Interface. Madmab edition interface is better and it have a lot more features-options, but unfortunately, when i started this project i was dumb and used the old xport UI code. It's possible to port to the new madmab interface but it require some time and work and i don't have it at moment, sorry. UPDATE: Just a little update (and my last version), for my pcsxbox build - Added cdrom code from the original pcsx 1.5 in the 1.4 core. It fixes the FMV for megamen x4 and x5 and maybe other games with no speed loss. - Removed useless option that i forgot to remove "valkyrie profile battle fix" in the cpu options. - Some clean in files-code.[/quote] link [code]https://www108.zippyshare.com/v/udmKWTEi/file.html[/code] mirror [code]https://1fichier.com/?mlboxs6oupps1w0tuuiz[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/p670l9M4xe/Pcsxbox_Tabajara02_biuld_rar[/code]
  5. here is an updated download for most of the new releases/demos and homebrew/hacks releases for multiple consoles. console games for atari 7800 msx pc engine gba gbc nes snes virtualboy sega game gear master system megadrive and others link [code]https://1fichier.com/?u6qy8erj8c934n7rfiq9]code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/W3C0z8leub/New_Games_for_Old_Systems_v3.0_rar[/code]
  6. Retroarch 1.7.7 Update for original xbox. by tabajara02 [quote] i made a unofficial port of retroarch years ago called (Nintendo Edition). I revisited this stuff again ( i don't know why LOL) adding more cores and improving the experience using retroarch on original xbox a little bit. It's based on retroarch 1.7.7. It's a little old version but it have a lot of nice features. Here some other interesting features, but there's more... - Almost all retroarch common options on official 1.7.7 version are included like playlist, screenshots, savestates, indiviual core options, etc... - Rgui background wallpaper support and it's already setup. - Added background music support based on marty pcsx reloadex code to play wav files while browse games. - 22 cores to select. Most of them are up to date and most works well. - Overlay support. It can be used, for example, to simulate scanline effects to give retrovisual image using together with bilinear filter on. - CHD support for cores like pcengine, supergrafx, genesis plus and pcfx. - Genesis plus wide core included to play sega genesis in widescreen. Made some test and it plays nice with sonic 1 and 2 widescreen hacks. - GPSP core. Full speed gba emulator with color correction option to improve gba games. - MGBA core. Can be used to play some custom copy protection roms (Vast Fame unlicensed games). - Gambatte core. GB, GBC emulator with over 200 color palettes to chose. Notes: - Pcfx core is slow (playable only on trusty xbox). - Can't load large neogeo games using fba-neogeo core. Virtual memory was only implemented on wii libretro version. - It's recommended always make a playlist and loading the content from the created playlist to avoid crash-freeze problems loading the roms. - Don't remove anything from system file. - Some homebrew games and a playlist file are included and already setup to help how to make and use a playlist. - Visit https://www.marcrobledo.com/retroarch-playlist-editor/ Just drop the roms on this link to create a playlist. RGUI Controls: X - confirm A - Go Back/cancel Y - For fullscreen screenshots while browsing games in playlist In Game Controls: Right thumbstick click - Go back to quick menu White - Fastfoward Feel free to test and play. Cheers.[/quote] link [code]https://www31.zippyshare.com/v/Eeoz4rSW/file.html[/code] mirror [code]https://1fichier.com/?aucf36mmrs0mk04voj0d[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/bcl6gaMexe/Retroarch_1.7.7_xbox_rar[/code]
  7. reuploaded. link [code]https://www96.zippyshare.com/v/PuKLsiVW/file.html[/code] mirror [code]https://1fichier.com/?8th6qmtly4j46ykg14ei[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/f4j1y4Gfx3/MAME72_Release8_2018_Full_rar[/code]
  8. Yeah Yeah Beebiss II for the nes. link [code]https://www84.zippyshare.com/v/BTHMhl3v/file.html[/code] mirror [code]https://1fichier.com/?v53vftvmnvk2dnfhcel7[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/7dt3SfF8x2/Yeah_Yeah_Beebiss_II_PD_2022_zip[/code]
  9. Eyra The Crow Maiden,new release for the megadrive. link [code]https://www39.zippyshare.com/v/rApnTJd2/file.html[/code] mirror [code]https://1fichier.com/?yegw8z3a7juwi0jcwhuz[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/l7h1y5F9xd/Eyra_The_Crow_Maiden_bin[/code]
  10. Mega Turrican Director's Cut correct fully working rom,thanks goes to retroplay. tested and working. link [code]https://www66.zippyshare.com/v/TeM2Ugq0/file.html[/code] mirrorlink [code]https://1fichier.com/?bdjqdc3ogrjb80wfdm6r[/code] mirrolink [code]https://anonfiles.com/xdRcffE1xf/MTDC_7z[/code]
  11. it was these ones. but i think you already do have them in hbmame,i am not looking for the roms myself,i was just wondering if they were in hbmame.
  12. @robert were the boss hacks for the cps3 arcade board fighting games ever added to hbmame?
  13. Darius Extra and Mega Turrican Director's Cut roms for the sega megadrive,new releases. apparently Mega Turrican Director's Cut is not working on any mgadrive emulator but hopefully we might get a fix. darius extra works fine on all megadrive emus,such as picodrive/kega/neogensplugx etc.... link below [code]https://www58.zippyshare.com/v/ul5DGU50/file.html[/code] mirror [code]https://1fichier.com/?1sol2388jeqb4wu2ttdn[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/nf5cKdD6xa/dumped_roms_zip[/code]
  14. metal dragon for the megadrive,new release. link [code]https://www17.zippyshare.com/v/qh5TMBdo/file.html[/code] mirror [code]https://1fichier.com/?nzt54rqmcccp2ruwoyfx[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/z344l0D0x6/Metal_Dragon_zip[/code]
  15. here is an iso/mp3 conversion of the game for people who wish to save some space on their hdd. you will save about 400mb of space if you use this one. link [code]https://www.sendspace.com/file/lc4rx2[/code]
  16. Jason X and The Lost Boys Frog Bros pacnsacdave Rom Hacks for NES. link [code]https://1fichier.com/?ay3vrdmbrkknsbojp89z[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/39Pb04V0w1/neshacks_rar[/code] mirror [code]https://www52.zippyshare.com/v/DcHMBPJN/file.html[/code]
  17. here are the neogeo roms for xeno crisis and also the neogeo cd release as well. site [code]https://shop.bitmapbureau.com/[/code] link [code]https://1fichier.com/?i1jkbi9gvus987tccq0q[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/dcm6g4D2v4/XeniCrisisNG_rar[/code]
  18. robert cop 2 for the megadrive,homebrew release. link [code]https://www37.zippyshare.com/v/CvDqwh26/file.html[/code] mirror [code]https://1fichier.com/?ygwaflnq4yzcn0hydami[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/lcd3s5Vaw3/ROBERT_COP_2_W_zip[/code]
  19. Game&WatchX v1.0 by hcf [quote] Game&WatchX is an emulator to play all the nintendo "Game & Watch" games (more than 50!) in your Xbox. It supports all those games, including Multi Screen, Tabletop, Panorama and MicroVS ones, plus the new homebrew game "Bride". It is inspired in Mame and the work of bzhxx and kbeckmann. Thanks a lot! The rom for the free game "Bride" is included. To get the rest of the games, please read the section "Getting roms". Put your roms in the "roms" folder and launch the emulator to play. It should work both from hard disk and DVD.[/quote] link [code]https://www107.zippyshare.com/v/E72Ix16j/file.html[/code] mirror [code]https://1fichier.com/?6di8kz13n5prrpfvvolf[/code] mirror [code]https://anonfiles.com/j1Edu9Gawf/Game_WatchX_v1.0_zip[/code]
  20. small update [quote]here is a little update for those that could not do without the Sega Y-Board games, there are also a couple more fixes ported across from MAME2003+ for Taito's Superman and Twin Hawk which unknown until recently were always broken in MAME84, just delete your previous save and drop these xbe's over the top of your MAMEoXtras build enjoy.[/quote] MAMEoXtras 2021 Final Bonus [quote]Whats New in MAMEoXtras 2021 Final Bonus Added support back in for the Sega Y-board games Galaxy Force 2 G-LOC Air Battle Power Drift Rail Chase Strike Fighter Games with graphical improvements Superman Twin Hawk Games now with improved sound Twin Hawk General Fixes And Improvements Fixed missing and or broken graphics in Superman and Twin Hawk [arcadez] Fixed some sound niggles in Twin Hawk [arcadez][/quote] link [code]https://www77.zippyshare.com/v/4rHxVD4o/file.html[/code] mirrorlink [code]https://1fichier.com/?itvgxg6hab1narlk033d[/code]
  21. Xhexen update by law3 [quote] xHexen: Added official mission pack Deathkings of the Dark Citadel and two good quality, hub-based mods, confirmed to work on Xbox: Dark Portal and Stonegate. Additionally I added small wad fix for Deathkings, because the original PC version doesn't play the music! I corrected this for Xbox.[/quote] xHexen2 update by law3 [quote]Ripped the music again, because the original release had contained a few cracks and errors in the audio. Then I reversed the OGG track order so it finally matches the MIDI order. Track02 is absent, because there is an error in XBE and Track02 doesn't play at all. Adding "+1" to each track's name solved the problem (sic!).[/quote] xHexen2Pop update by law3 [quote] xHexen2 with Portal of Praevus mission pack. I did it in a dirty way and I am nice enough to share. It is really dirty, it is even stupid, but if something is stupid and works, then it is good. The levels, the scripts, new enemies, new CD-Audio music work. Usual character class select and skill select don't work, but I included a workaround - see the readme file.[/quote] xShadow Warrior update by law3 [quote]Added Wanton Destruction (official add-on released for free) and Twin Dragon (another failed official add-on turned into normal mod). PC version of Wanton Destruction contains critical errors. Bosses do not drop keys after defeat and player is unable to advance further into the game. I corrected this for Xbox.[/quote] link [code]https://www98.zippyshare.com/v/jqP2HZtv/file.html[/code] mirrorlink [code]https://1fichier.com/?5ioi0nuu0omhpgjgyl15[/code] mirrorlink [code]https://anonfiles.com/Fbp9NcKdu4/xbox_fps_updates_rar[/code]
  22. MAMEoXtras Final by gamezfan What new [quote] games now supported Aladdin (bootleg of Megadrive version) Bare Knuckle II (chinese bootleg of Megadrive version) Bare Knuckle III (bootleg of Megadrive version) Bronx (Cycle Shooting bootleg) Calorie Kun vs Moguranian Danger Express Frog & Spiders Juezhan Tianhuang Jolly Jogger Magic Purple Mrs. Dynamite Ms. Pacman Twin Samurai Shodown V Perfect Space Position Space Raider Super Bubble Bobble (Sun Mixing, Megadrive clone hardware) games fixed and now playable Flower Get Star / Guardian Kick And Run Ufo Senshi Yohko Chan (protected set) game with graphical improvements Crazy Climber 2 Flower Ninja Kid II Return Of The Invaders Super Slam Tennis The Fairyland Story Volfied games now with sound Altered Beast (version 2) Ninja-Kid II (set 1) games now with sample support Horizon Kid Niki Radical Ninja Spelunker 1 and 2 games now with improved sound Flower Hit The Ice Horizon Kid Niki Radical Ninja Legion Spelunker 1 and 2 Steel Force Super Slam Tennis Tecmo Bowl Teki Paki T.N.K. III Whoopie! / Pibi & Bibi sega changes Ported across from MAME2003+ our older version of the outrun.c driver which uses the faster system16 gfx and also supports Turbo Outrun. As a result Turbo Outrun now performs the best out of any arcade core available on the Xbox, but as always there is small price to pay. The romsets for Super Hang-On, Outrun and Turbo Outrun will now have to change and once again only the bootleg version of Super Hang-on will be playable in this core. Due to rolling the core back and removing redundant code we can no longer support the following Sega Y-board games however they always performed better in FBL anyway so no great loss and this emulator is now leaner and meaner as a result of dumping alotta duplicated code...... Games Removed from this release Galaxy Force 2 G-LOC Air Battle Power Drift Rail Chase Strike Fighter All the other Sega games are unaffected. taito/toaplan protection MCUs Added the protection mcu's to the following games which can now be considered to be 100% emulated.... Chack' N Pop Daikaiju No Gyakushu Get Star / Guardian Kick And Run Onna Sansirou - Typhoon Gal Return Of The Invaders Rumba Lumba Teki Paki (sound mcu) The Fairyland Story Whoopie! / Pibi & Bibi (sound mcu) Roms which support the new mcu dumps will be required for all the above games. general fixes and improvements Improved the C-Chip mcu simulation for Bonze Adventure so the game no longer crashes after you die on level 6 [arcadez] Added Konami 007452 multiplier/divider fixes which fixes rolling mines and bullet trajectories in contra during the 3D Sections [arcadez] Hooked up missing MSM5205 sample sounds which are for crowd cheers, game sfx and speech in Tecmo Bowl [arcadez] Fixed some sound and graphical niggles plus prevent Super Slam Tennis crashing after winning a set [arcadez] Fixed player progress building silhouette graphics in crazy climber 2 [mahoneyt944] Added HD647180 MCU sound support for Teki Paki and Whoopee / Pibi & Bibi removing the need for hacked sound samples [dink, arcadez] Added support for Bronx a working bootleg of Cycle Shooter to the nycaptor.c driver [arcadez] Updated outrun.c to MAME89 and then fixed the sound and graphical road drawing plus hooked up the inputs so that Turbo Out Run can now be played in this core [arcadez] Added support for Mrs. Dynamite and Space Raider to ladybug.c also updated the SN76496 sound core to allow for 5 chips to be used for both of these games [arcadez] Added a new driver for Calorie Kun vs Moguranian then added support for Space Position to angelkds.c and hooked both games upto the Sega 317 Decryption [arcadez] Filled out the dip switches and hooked up the protection mcu for Kick And Run which makes the game 100% in the emulation dept and now fully playable [arcadez] Removed the Knight Boy bootleg mcu from Kiki Kai Kai and replaced it with a simulation of the proper mcu fixing many game logic problems [arcadez] Removed simulation code and hooked up the proper protection mcu for Daikaiju no Gyakushu [arcadez] Updated the retofinv.c driver to MAME94 fixing some gfx niggles "lives left" display etc etc and hooked up the proper mcu for Return Of The Invaders [arcadez] Fixed some graphical problems "dragon attacks" in the final level of The Fairyland Story [arcadez] Removed a bootleg mcu and some fake mcu simulation code and hooked up the proper Taito mcu's for Onna Sansirou - Typhoon Gal, Rumba Lumba and The Fairyland Story [arcadez] Fixed game timers removed simulation code and hooked up the proper protection mcu for Chack'n Pop [arcadez] Added Aladdin, Bare Knuckle II, Bare Knuckle III, Juezhan Tianhuang and Super Bubble Bobble (Sun Mixing version) to the segac2.c driver [arcadez, mahoneyt944] Updated the mc8123 decryption and hooked it upto Altered Beast, Ninja Kid II, Ufo Senshi Yohko Chan and Wonderboy In Monsterland [arcadez] Altered Beast (version 2) and Ninja Kid II now have sound plus some graphical problems on levels 2 and 6 in Ninja Kid II are now sorted [arcadez] Added tr606drumkit.zip sample support used in FBNeo for Irem M62 titles improving game sounds [arcadez, grant2258, KMFDManic, mahoneyt944, FBN DEV Team] Improved the C-Chip simulation for Volfied fixing the sprite and background colours and in game level timers and logic [arcadez] Added jollyjgr.c supporting two new games, Jolly Jogger and Frog & Spiders [arcadez, mahoneyt944] Fixed SN76496 sound in Super Bubble Bobble (Sun Mixing) and ported across from MESS extra genesis input code so that Bare Knuckle II + III are now playable [arcadez, dink] Added Magic Purple to the Tumble Pop driver [arcadez] Added Ms Pacman Twin to the pacman driver [grant2258, mahoneyt944, arcadez] Fixed missing OKIM6295 sound speech samples in Hit The Ice [arcadez] Fixed music tempo in TANK / TNK III [arcadez] Added Danger Express a super rare Atari prototype to the atarig42 driver [arcadez] Filled out dip switch options for Head On Channel, OOPArts and SegaSonic Bros [arcadez] Updated parts of the flower.c driver to later MAME fixing some major graphical problems game can now be considered playable [arcadez] Enabled a little hack in the Flower sound core which prevents certain sound samples playing constantly [arcadez] Hooked up the protection mcu for Get Star / Guardian both versions are now playable [arcadez][/quote] link (includes all the new roms) [code]https://www7.zippyshare.com/v/8ikAQcr9/file.html[/code] mirrorlink [code]https://1fichier.com/?zrl68bs30m5mqutg7oug[/code] mirrorlink [code]https://anonfiles.com/v3n9k1I4u2/Mameoxtras_Final_rar[/code]
  23. EpochX v1.0 by hcf [quote] EpochX v1.0 is an emulator of the Epoch Super Cassette Vision console for the original Xbox. WHY? The MessoXtras emulator already emulated the Super Cassette Vision, but the emulation was far from perfect: some games didn't work in MessoXtras (for example, "Doraemon Nobita's Time Machine" didn't start), and other games had important graphical glitches (like Comic Circus), and even more: these graphical glitches made unplayable certain games (for example, the third level in the game "Lupin III" was impossible due to these glitches). This new EpochX emulator has a fixed emulation based on a much more modern core, it removes almost all of the glitches, and it makes playable almost all of the games. And yes: we can finally play Doraemon for the SCV! HOW TO MAKE IT WORK: Copy the emulator in the hard disk of your Xbox. Then, roms must be copied compressed in ZIP format, inside of the "roms/scv" folder (don't delete the existing files!). Then, launch the emulator and select your desired game from your list, or select "Doraemon Nobita's Time Machine" to play the Doraemon game. HOW TO START A GAME: Although each game may have different controls (and you can redefine them), basically the WHITE button is "1" in the console, the BLACK button is "2", and the "A" button is Start. With this in mind, press the buttons to select your desired game mode in the menus, and finally press "A". In the main part of the games you will need to press this sequence of buttons to play in Amateur mode: WHITE, WHITE and A buttons (because Amateur mode is usually the "1" option in the menus). In order to play with other difficulty level, you will need to press BLACK (to select the "2" option) or even "Y" (to enter in a submenu, like in Comic Circus). OTHER CONTROLS (they can also be redefined in the main menu): * START: Opens or closes the main menu * BACK: Exits to the rom list or cancels an option.[/quote] link [code]https://www96.zippyshare.com/v/XNfjqTqk/file.html[/code] mirrorlink [code]https://anonfiles.com/p1X9Te31ue/EpochX_v1.0_zip[/code] mirrorlink [code]https://1fichier.com/?crwxt83xic8ze9ozm6zi[/code]
  24. i do not think that would be possible in fbl.
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