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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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OK I warned you guys ;-) .....you have constantly wish to hurt people now you have succeeded as this isnt fun as a hobby....you can and are a part of the blame.....its you guys that miss out and I will continue my hobby....

speak out all you like you guys will fail to anything of any use anyways.....I do honestly feel sorry for everyone because of wankers like yourself and others...and I do think you cant do anything of any quality id ever use.....


OK guys im gone for good....ill get this threads removed soon......you guys are missing out on alot of new games and features because of a few fuckwits that make this no fun...................


anyone with releases of stuff ive done are free to release it...the new Final burn games...the new mame games...the new features...the new N64 core its all good you guys can get it in a shit form and buggy as shit....like other people builds.....hand out what ever you want releases....


A new place might go up that can be controlled....new release will have details of new site....till then best of luck guys....your in the hands of people that are out of touch and extremely annoying....they pushed and pushed and pushed for this and they are doing you a favor missing out on new games and new features....well thank them for there help......

Good riddance, then.


...and good luck for your new website launch.


I hope it won't be the forum where others projects and authors are permanently defamed like you, as a staff member, have turned this xbox section in since years whatever your interlocutors. I suppose then the current 1emu staff will be relieved by your depart.


I also hope newcomers will be respected as well this time. That wasn't really the case before just because of you again.


Well BP, maybe you'll see then how much it can be difficult to start a new community. To maintain it, to add features, to offer more comfort for the users you usually despise, to animate it , to support people with all the patience and tolerance they need, to moderate people so they can compromise so any point of view can be peacefully expressed etc...

I hope you'll also find all the necessary human qualities in your partners because, frankly, given your personality, this project could be a really bad start.

And who knows ? Perhaps you'll be able to build bridges to other sites and projects.


Yeah good luck, BP.

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Your a wanker


if I wanted silence I would have got you banned and removed....like the other idots....and probably should have....good luck getting any support im not the only one I know not helping you guys now

You couldn't reasonably have me banned and removed because I've broken no rules here. The Xbox section, yourself included, has become a joke to the rest of this forum and its staff. Things are bad, but not so bad that any admin would support you in something so ridiculous. I do feel sorry for you if you truly believe this rubbish. Your personal attacks and insults have broken more rules here and are more deserving of a ban than anything I've ever done or said, and I think we're all be better off without them. I'm looking forward to quieter times.


In any event, good luck to you too.

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Gamecop is more supportive than you think....but he only comes on every few months :)...you will be pleased to know though if I see him ill ask to get my account removed...the same as xbox scene...I did the same warning there and saw it go the way I knew it would....fuck all happens and its just all talk....and no one really comes for anthing cause there is nothing but talk...over the last 6 months it was surreal and to me HD in that was an hour at most job...maybe an hour or so to bug fix it.....


anyways it doesnt matter you are a wanker +t+ and now you guys can live with bad support and no real dev.....the people ive seen that say they can do stuff cant do the simplest things...also people can send out the new console cores and new midway core...and if they want the dvd player core


New blog will start soon...but its only for dev really and not for other stuff...its will be tiny with just people that want new CoinOPS stuff and for it to move forward...all other stuff is no interest to me.....enjoy ill request this stuff is killed now.....best of luck...Ive seen the results of the others threads...so id say like all other places they go it will pretty much die and nothing of any interest will really come out anyways....and if it does it will take forewver to do simple things.....


fum there are more games added than those ;-) I added some of the missing stuff from final burn core you will get the release when new blog etc is up and going...

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bye bye all there will be a limit small blog soon for those that want to just go forward and not play silly games....to those with staff access you will my request.....


hopefull these threads will be removed soon...or just unpinned so they roll off the bottom......not sure if the few remaining can do that.....and may have to wait till Gamecop comes back online which is very rare.....

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fantastic PMs ;-) ill PM everyone the blog and give access to those that have been around awhile....anyone that can help with creating hosting or running a blog PM me.....ive got a guy on board now that can help and hes doing N64 stuff as well....he seems great...if anyone can help with the blog PM....hopefully it will be back online soon...but dev work is still happening


Its also good to see everyone thinks its best....dont worry we can keep out others that have a diff vision....and keep it going the way it is.....


So PM me and the more support the faster we can get the blog going and distrube the new builds...and add stuff people want in....PS im working on Cab features as well at present as ive started building one


Ill leave some of the PM up as well as alot are interesting...I wont add names to anyones but really you should have told others im aware and agree with all you say and alot of the times your PM are better articulated than mine......


"Well hopefully your blog takes off soon. I'd love to be involved with coinops at least at some level which at this point, Hopefully you don't give up and will keep up the good work, even if it is elsewhere. I don't really blame you for leaving. Some of the people in the forums are amazingly ignorant."


"Pity you dont own admin right here

Annoying, troublesome and time wasting please don't let the

buggers kill your project.


hope to heard from you in devblog or forum.

If you choose to let this place die,


i would be glad to provide help"


"Thats sad my friend, anyway really really thx for your work, you made it !!! You can't fight against Jalousy, just keep your Point of View in Mind, to continu your vision of CoinOps, Best of luck for you Mr BP !!!!

Btw the best way is to open your own blog !!!! Let me know where and when please !! "

these sum up the gist of things....


so dont worry we can move easier in a controlled forum....and seems you guys know this and why and like the idea.....im sorry I sometimes forget you arnt that easy to fool and try and protect you....seems you allready know....hopefully if I get the help ill get things going again safer quickly

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OK alot of new crying on the site about the same things.....people will leave blamming me but its because they know without me this will just be alot of talk this forum and no real action (I wish it wasnt...true....a few little things will happen im sure but really nothing that cant be achieve very fast by one person normally)...and they wont stay to face the facts of what they helped cause...and all these people know is blame and talk a good game but everyone knows they are all talk and it will be proved once again....I am sorry for you guys


I knew there would be side effects to taking out people that thought they where skilled but showing you they wherent was they would complain about it....I did have an unexpected problem that ill have to deal with now....they would be left with only one way to make themselves feel better and try and save honor with you guys and that is by trying to belittle and bully me and not face the facts ;-) anyways its looks like alot will come to the blog and want a proper place to do stuff and thats fantastic....you all know by the sounds that im not bad and I will help and reliase to why this is the only option remaining....and you seem to know its only a few and mainly cause they lost face.

I really didnt take into acount this would be there only way to make them feel like they are winning...I should have and if I did I would have handled things differently long ago......



alot of new PMs wanting to come to new blog...ive looked into it and will look at doing one soon...just making sure the security is enough for whats required....looks like it will be private only...maybe private to use and public to view....more info soon and ill give people access but yes im sorry ill have to remain in control...dont worry about bans as you have seen though years I actually havent used my powers enough....ill only do policing when pushed id rather do dev and talk honestly :)


peace maybe someone can set up a blog for me :( someone that can be trusted and they can police it and I can run in it with you guys???? anyone got experience in this stuff????anyone can get access to the blog is all thats required but if they cause trouble they are banned early on and this will be stated to them on joining...is all thats required....alot of people in fact most people except for the trouble makers have PM me to join and ill hand over a list to the blog creater...anyone keen on the job?ill be able to attach stuff to this blog as well id say....googleblog will do the trick

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More PMs ;-) cheer for support....I havent looked at the blog thing yet as soon as I do or someone else does ill let you guys know....it looks like a nice community could form actually...more than I thought


judging by the PMs seems people are smarter than I gave them credit for....


another quote for people


"yo man, only got into coin-ops a few months ago and i have to say it's awesome!

would love to join new blog and continue evolving with one of the slickest pieces of software i have used in ages!

nice work man.


those other guys are pricks from what i can tell over the last few months. "


Still wanting help with the blog or else ill have to start it myself and stop dev a little.... :) cry cry nothing has slowed down...the midway recore is coming along now...HD and more games going....id rather improve coinops than run a blog...

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