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Exactly bud, and that's going to be my excuse when the Fedaralies come knocking at my door. That jury is getting one HUGE Robin Hood card thrown at them. :)


I've never been happy with the prospect of all of my roms or possibly other things being renamed and engulfed by the Umbrella Corporation known as BP Enterprises, but I also know there is nothing I can do to stop it once they're out there. I can't tell you how many countless sources I've "stolen" from to get this all put together (although I will try very hard to in the "Thanks" doc, that I have yet to make and put on the releases). I'm just hoping that the fact that I did all of this with my free time for ZERO dollars is enough to exonerate me if push ever comes to shove....


Just letting it be known that I won't be sore about it as long as credit is given where it's due.


BP's team and mine are truly making video game history here. I just want the history books to read right. :)





I must confess that I haven't been keeping up with all the recent developments around here. Do the newer do-it-all versions of CoinOPS rename roms from the console folders or something? I'm not entirely sure I'm going to use CoinOPS as a front end for everything, but I like that Brit gave us that option. Either way I don't think I'd want it renaming stuff behind my back.

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Hey Zhoul,

Yes yes, I am absolutely in concordance with you...

But I think BP will not work on that. He already stated that sooo many time before.

Unfortunately we will have to find other ways to achieve our personal goals.

Me, for example, even with this super-duper new pixel perfect CoinOPS, I still keep

6 different installs in my Xbox.


1. CoinOPS Lucky 7


Covers all games *different* from 320 and 304 pixels in width, and runs

with 10x11 pixel aspect ratio OFF. We have here also the 384 games

with the fix-width trick turned on.


2. CoinOPS 10x11


Covers all games in *exact* 320 and 304 pixels in width, running under 10x11

pixel aspect ratio. Why that? Simple, 10x11 on 320 games simply clears/fix the

left and right overscan almost perfectly. And why I did add the 304 to

the group? Simple, 304 + 320 are all the NeoGeo games. I wanted to

keep all of them together. It was not good to have Samurai Shodown 1

and 3 in one CoinOPS and Samurai 2, 4 and 5 in another.


Why not having the games from the first group merged here also?

Because the first group games are all narrow than 320 and 304 in width,

and there is no need to make them yet smaller in width by the 10x11

pixel aspect ratio. And one more thing... 10x11 requires emu reboot,

so it's annoying to keep rebooting anytime you need or don't need the 10x11.


3. CoinOPS Vertical Shmups


A separated CoinOPS with all the shmups that are really vertical, I

mean, the ones that we really need to set to autorotate to be able

to get pixel perfect. Raiden does not fit here because it works

fine on the CoinOPS #1, with acceptable overscan on its top border.

So, as you may notice, I needed to manually separate the topdown

shooters that do not need to be rotated to get pixel perfect

from this group.


4. CoinOPS Capcom only


I wanted to separate all the Capcom from the other games to better

check for problems or abnormalities on all 384 trick. And some games

are even playable with 384 fix OFF.


And two more? Yes... I still keep one CoinOPS for Contra and other for Super Contra.

The screen can't be centered for those, it need to bottom positioned.

And they are tooo tall. CoinOPS PixPerfect does not "cover" them.


And I am thinking in implement a 5th one, just for PunchOut and Super PunchOUT.

They are nice games. Will use the same method used for Contra and Super Contra.


Always on the eternal *workaround* when dealing with Arcade Games...




That's what I mean, Cos. The new system Brit came up with is a fine idea, but you're still running 6 different CoinOPS as a workaround for the lack of per-game settings, right? With per-game settings that number would shrink to 1.


Btw, I love the fact that you found a workaround and shared it with everyone.

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zhoul ive tried xport stuff and think its bad...I change between hd and sd all the time and I have to resize every game...and I have 4000...also I dont want to resize 4000games.... I might allow xml locking....eg you can tell it to be x2 x3 or pixel perfect fit (where you can set the box size to autofit it to yourself....so it is allways on screen...or overscan....so it will go outside your screensize adjusments but be warned it will crop....Pixel Perfect Auto Fit it will never crop the video ever)


Anyways there are so many modes one can run....monitor on side...10x11 pixel....widescreen correction for sd monitor for cps1 and cps2 (never done before that ive seen).....and soe of these things like monitor on side 10x11 etc require a reboot they arnt just screensizing....


Cheers for stuff rx....I havent looked at them yet but in time ill get around to at least looking at the vids


good luck

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Hurray! I've got the update for R8! But it looks like I've only got up to R5 before, and the instructions for R8 say to overwrite files from R6! Could someone send me a link to R6, please?


I made a cocktail arcade cab of sorts out of a glass top side table. I'll take some pictures of it once I've tried out R8.

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overwriting R5 is ok


you will miss the cores..... to load alot of consoles.....


new CoinOPS reignite R9 will be final build and not just XBES and will happen soon...in about 4-5days.....


only bug fixes if any and tiny changes depending on whats said....then its GUI time and Showcase 2 time

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Ok, thats good then. I only use CoinOps for arcades anyway so thats fine by me. I'll give it a go tonight.


Edit: It looks great so far. I haven't put it on a vertical setup yet cuz I want to give that a more thorough going over, but it looks nice in my cab. Pixel Perfect options are well done and look really crisp. I think I'll end up using the scaled option since the blur on my monitor doesn't really bother me at all and actually looks more "arcade-y" to me. Next I'll put it on my vert monitor and hdtv.


I have one request though: the start menu should have the option to boot to XBMC (or some other xbe that we can assign). That way I can have CoinOps be the dash and still have an easy way to get to XBMC or something else with ftp access.

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well, i havent quite been keeping up with all of the updates that are going on here lately. so just wondering, what are all of these new pixel perfect settings, and which is the best to use? aka, can i set my screen size one time, and have every game displayed at the correct aspect ratio scaled to fit my screen? i have a 16:9 widescreen tv.

also, when playing games for other consoles, do my roms need to all be renamed to be recognized and work in coinops? ("Chrono Trigger" >> "SNES_ChronoTrigger")? if so, what is the easiest way to go about this?


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just go scale....if your in HD it scales to 16:9 and in SD its 4:3 I can add an option to change this in R9 if you want an scale uses Automatic-4/3-16/9 also pixel perfects use these ratios as well


Chrono Trigger" >> "SNES_ChronoTrigger yes you must rename I wish I could have used the same names but I couldnt as they wherent mame compliant characters


R9 will be the last and only small tidy ups as the settings as really good now...then its New GUI also dballs Showcase 2 will have alot of arcady console games :) as there will be nearly 2000 games

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