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  1. Ha, hilarious! Thanks, Fu! (Btw, check your PM)
  2. That's very, very old at this point. Madmab has done a LOT of updates to the cores that improves playability of a number of games. I used to hate PCSXbox, but its great now. You should check it out.
  3. thanks, Fu! Btw, did you get my PM? Hope you're well!
  4. Well, go for it then. The DVDO iScan HD+/SLG3000 is a very good combo! Enjoy!
  5. The DVDO iScan HD+ has digital inputs - coaxial and optical. The Xbox is capable of outputing both of these formats. It sounds like you're paying too much then. I just looked up the iScan HD+ on eBay and it typically sells for between $100 and $125. I think the SLG3000 is about $60. With shipping you shouldn't be too much above $200. How so? It has YUV, RGB, composite, and s-video. The only input missing is VGA and you can get a transcoder for that if needed - though the only thing I can imagine you'd need it for would be Dreamcast. Not that I know of? What are you talking about? The Mini has applied scanlines to all the retro machines I've thrown at it. You could also get a YUV to VGA transcoder. I actually have a good one from Startech that you could use with the SLG3000. See below: http://www.startech....rter~VGA2TV2WAY If you want it, I'd sell it to you for $50. I no longer need it and its just collecting dust. Tsk, tsk. For the Saturn, you should be using SCART cables! For the N64, you can do a RGB (SCART) mod which will improve picture quality immensely. See links below: SATURN: http://www.retro-acc...del-Saturn.html N64: http://www.gamesx.co...badd/rgbn64.htm The N64 is a bit harder and, alternatively, you can also install an amp for better picture quality. Ask around at the System 11 Shmups forum.
  6. How did you get audio from the iScan HD+ if it was plugged into the SLG3000 via VGA? You don't even need to plug the audion into the iScan HD+ if you don't want to. I'm not sure what your setup is like, but it should look something like this: XBOX > YUV (Component) Output, 480p ---> DVDO iScan HD+ > VGA Output ---> SLG3000 > VGA Output ---> TV XBOX > R/L Audio or Optical Audio ---> TV Also, did you find that this scaler introduced much lag? No, I never noticed lag. It wasn't perfectly sharp picture-wise, but with the SLG3000 it looked quite good. Also, it was very close to a real CRT 'look' so if you want authenticity, this is a great setup. Its also not very expensive compared to other options like the XRGB Mini, which would set you back around $400. In case you don't know about, here is Fudoh's site which goes into all of this: http://retrogaming.hazard-city.de/ Good luck!
  7. Looks cool - thanks for the heads up, Fu!
  8. I haven't had a chance to try CoinOps 4 yet, but I assume the author will eventually release an unlocked version, as he did with CoinOps 3. Why not wait until then? I can't see the point of the space issue seeing as this is still a 23gb - obviously there is enough space on the HDD for the other roms. If you don't want to see the console roms, why not hide them with the filter feature?
  9. Just to give you some background on my experience. Usually, my Xbox systems have shut down overnight when I'm upload a lot of files to it. What I think has happned is the FTP locked up and then the Xbox shuts off. Recently, I was using Avalaunch to copy files between two systems. These were both Trusty upgrades - but with one difference. The one has a new cooling solution that keeps the GPU (and motherboard I assume) cooler because it has these fans blowing air in from the right side: http://www.amazon.com/Corsair-CMXAF1-Memory-Airflow-Fan/dp/B000K1OW5I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1332704337&sr=8-1 Fan Upgrade: 133CPU/94GPU under load Old Fan Setup: 127 CPU/111GPU under load The other didn't have this upgrade (yet) and it was off when I woke up in the morning. The fan upgraded one was still going strong. This has happened with standard Xbox systems as well and I think it may have to do with a GPU cooling tweak I performed. The Xbox systems I've owned have been 1.0, with the loud GPU fan. I preformed this upgrade on each: http://dwl.xbox-scene.com/~xbox/xbox-scene/tutorials/Turning_the_v1.0_xbox_silent.pdf Maybe it has something to do with it? Who knows. If you can figure this out for certain, it'd be good to know. Hope this helps!
  10. Lantus, good to hear from you. Just wanted to say I was always impressed with your work on the Xbox 1! If you want, I have a few spare Xbox systems (people give me them a lot) and I'd be glad to load the XDK bios on one and send it out to you. If you're interested, PM me. The NEOCD/SDLx emulator has the best scanline emulation!
  11. Thanks, IQ - you rock! Nice to see we may get a 1.9 update that fixes Asura Blade/Buster too!
  12. Mine does this too! Is this really a sign of a bad PSU?
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