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  1. where can i get the binaries for this? thanks!
  2. honestly I'm not that interested in pixel perfect stuff either, but I see no problem in supporting it for those who want it. phil has the stuff for it as far as I know. a while back, there was a bug with the rotation code which I fixed for him, but the change was never implemented in a new release. if you are interested, just send me a pm. its super easy. 2 minute fix (literally).
  3. im pretty sure its not running out of memory as it says i have 80MB free. but it doesnt bother me having the filters off, so this is not an issue.
  4. only request i have is updated sound driver for journey.zip to support the sound sample Edit: my bad, sound does work for journey, however if you have video enhancing effects on like i did, sound does not work in this game for some reason. it is on for a few seconds and then stops, not sure why (this is sound for the entire game, not just the sound sample at the end)
  5. 1) I have EPIC r7, which I thought was the newest. Anything I need to do other than adding it to the samples folder? 2) I checked, and all the dip switches are at full 3) Ok thanks, I will give it a try and post back if I figure it out, so it can help others.
  6. Hey BP, loving the new EPIC stuff right now especially disable info tracking which is awesome! Just had a couple things i cant seem to make work that are probably not too hard to do. 1) I can't seem to make the audio sample at the end of the game "Journey" work. It is supposed to play a song when you beat the game, but nothing happens. I put the sample in my samples folder. This sample can be found here: http://mameworld.info/mrdo/journey.html Am I doing something wrong? 2) I noticed that the sound on Mortal Kombat 1 was much improved in the MAMEoX core (it used to be very quiet), however, Mortal Kombat 2, 3, and 3 Ultimate are still very quiet. This is not a major issue since I can just turn the volume on my system up, but I was wondering if there was any way to make the volume higher for these games in MAME. 3) My 128mb XBOX runs out of memory when trying to load Ray Storm. It is only short by less than 1mb. I have tried changing audio quality, video quality, and disabling sound, but it will not load. Is there something I can change in the virtual memory to make it load?
  7. ok thanks. i might check that out. i have been buying rrod xbox's and fixing them with the hopes of getting a jtag'able one, but no luck yet.
  8. did you do the jtag yourself or purchase it from someone who does them?
  9. He's a liar. Damn. It was just a renamed surreal ce... I had my hopes up too...
  10. I can confirm that this is not a hoax. Another member has this emu. He is sending it to me to test out. I will post tonight or tomorrow on it.
  11. this is the part i was referring to. there are a couple similar ones. and YCE is probably Yabause Community Edition, as shown in that video you posted
  12. I was recently looking in the changelog at surreal64ce.wikispaces.com and noticed some references to YabauseX. Possible the devs at surreal64 are working with the saturn emu code and testing it with the surreal launcher, or maybe they are the creators of the port. Interesting to say the least. Edit: The project feed is here.
  13. anybody hear anything recently about this? looks promising!
  14. thanks for the help sir. cheers!
  15. That's sort of what I was getting at...I have a 1.4ghz box, so I should not use those new cores then?
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