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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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here is the link to r8 for everyone who needs it .



it wll be here for 24hrs.

"The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable."

Edit: Works fine. Patience is helpful at times.

i know lol.....i have had a tonne of pms and because there is a 5minute wait between sending pms it can be a pain is the ass,so this makes more sense.

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CoinOPS reignite X is only one week away it will be the final build of reignite and is the full version not just xbes.....

a few tidy ups...new skin features loaded also some of the hidden stuff will be revealed....



smb is setup though the tdata/udata babe8888 mameox.ini



need to know any new ideas or bugs...ill try my best then its shutting reingite down...."CoinOPS reignite X" should end as a well features bug free emu

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"R8" is out today, "X" is out next week.

So "R9" in a few days then ???

Riddle me this.

Why should anyone bother with "R8" or "R9" (few days) when "X" is only a week away ?

The topic for "R5" was only mid March, not even 4 weeks ago, "X" next week, that's 5 revisions in 5 weeks.

Is everything 100% compatible ? If history is anything to go by then i guess no !

I understand it's all about numbers for you but do you realize that when you take your finger off the pulse with this emu

its gonna be lost from the internet to a lot of users.

With very, very, very few people with the latest and greatest version featuring proper rom sets.

It's gonna end up drowning itself in "numbers" if your not carefull.

I stopped bothering at "R2".

Im guessing besides the addition of console roms (now to be removed i understand ?) not much has changed since "R2".

I now know your gonna squeak about changes but lets be honest "sort methods" etc aren't real changes are they.

I may download "X" next week just to be up to date, i may even launch it (first time in months) but in all honesty im not expecting anything new.

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because im fast moving to a new build.....dont download anything till CoinOPS reignite X is my answer for normal people and why I hinted at it :D

for people that want a say in version X they will need these builds to have an informed say...this is why I released them with nothing but the xbes and why no support files are included that have also been updated....


so a Big hint CoinOPS reignite X is close if you want a say grab the fast coming out patchs and look...then have your say....as reignite is about to get locked down forever


there is about 100 changes since R2 :) includes over 150,000 lines of code commited.... about 50 percent more settings.... if your someone like cba its obvious you should stick with a build you like and know and thats fine by me....if you want to try new stuff every week grab these they are small and easy to add...everything is automatic... but if you end up grabing "CoinOPS reignite X" next week you wont get a say but you can get a solid build...built on releases and real world testing by interested people that grabbed R 5 6 7 8 :)


Peace and thanks for noticing cba :) the reason for the lock down to X is to lock down a set for a new Showcase...im sorry I add all the stuff so quickly lol some of this stuff has been on the to do for a year...so I cleared it quickly for the new build....screen rotation stuff...pixel perfect stuff...font stuff....more game folders selectble all that stuff comes to mind plus more in just the last few weeks...not to mention launching most popular console and handheld games and adding the sorting stuff so arcades consoles and handhelds can be separate or merged....fantastic option for me


anyways thats a good time to say its nearing lockdown....


I have dk to look at.....and a couple of tweaks... and not much else :) its up to you guys....the dates are set in stone....and as usual the stone gathers no moss

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:D ive seen madmab stuff and I can say you should stick to that....i cant do anything like that


In which respect ? Do you mean for console roms ? Do you mean presentation ?

I will be honest here, ive been waiting nearly a year now for you to impliment this "xbmc" style GUI.

If find this exciting as it opens opportunities for some neat ideas especially the way we view our roms and media.

I also like the way you have hidden important settings from non experienced users, this makes a lot of sense and avoids kids or inexperienced users borking things up.

If i could make a suggestion it would be to "password protect" settings or impliment "profiles".

Profiles could include "kids", "my profile" or "Admin" etc and have to be logged on to with a password.

With each profile allowing a limited or full access to options.

I know you have "Advanced" settings but this can be accessed by anyone if they venture into the options/settings menu.

Discuss !

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XBMC interface is being voted out sorry...they want CoinOPS interface


I mean id never do anything like what ive seen...


ok ill add a setting to stop start menu...though the ini then people can turn it off..this is cabnet people...ill also add a hidden setting to boot to XBMC for cabnet people

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Any chance of seeing the Midway core implemented? I get the impression there's some kind of problem with adding command line support to the older MAMEoX source but that shouldn't be a problem since didn't you add the command line support that's currently present in CoinOPS? Anyway I think this would be the biggest improvement by far.

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