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  1. once click left goooooodddddddd bbbbbyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee baby...no way back
  2. robert warning dont mean anything to me..... at all nor does my name or my staff thing all of which I removed.....but this site doesnt serve any purpose now good luck with a meaningless site for most now locked it down or delete...ive worked a way to remove my logon and was planing to just before you posted as you will have read....
  3. Your right..... this place has been infested with people that dont know what they are doing and I stay around listening to nobadies that will leave staight away as they cant achieve anything themselves...to stay around and talk with such fools makes me feel foolish....these are the dregs of the forums and I know all will die.... but on that note ill lock this down....anyone is welcome to the blog or go on blindly like they have to other peoples site....believe this these people have no clue how to do simple config things but will talk about porting the dreamcastand other laughable events...anyway no more warning will be needed of what will become of this site time will tell... ive cancel my pass word so ill be a guess only now....remember I was wanst removed and was once staff that elected to remove himself dont let people that have no credit tell you otherwise.... good luck all
  4. Alot of crying about CoinOPS on other sites now lol....as CoinOPS took over there without me...they must have no life to not see what all there users want...cause all that will happen is people will leave...and grab and use what they want....these people obviously have no confidence in there own ability of the product to speak for itself...and is sad...a team of 5 or so people that must have no jobs now have one hobby to remove me....what a joke as if a few people with no skills can change my hobby and a new release soon the blog wont have these issues
  5. lol this poll happened the day after I got everything unpinned....its sad that you get a poll the day after the new blog...I remove my staff stuff and unpin my threads....then there was this desprate seek for attention thread and nothing really changed for me.... and im not banned if robert or gamecop ever asked for that it would happen but neither have done and its only be me asking to remove the stuff as they did for me which is great.... anyways it laughable that you think you have any real support 5 or 6 friends that are vocal and try to support themselves everywhere I never ask my friends to goto every site and tell them of the new release and say its awsome its allways random people ive never met you are a newbe poster like your friends...and everyone knows you dont have skills It is twighlight here I know and ill leave when people have learnt how to get the help they deserve....without the trouble makers they dont deserve ill leave this and it will just fall off the bottom as they all do cause no one gives a rats crap about you guys and your issues
  6. I voted to ban and told others I know to do so as well still 99,900 to go then ill actually think you have support....if you even hit 1000 id be surprised and thats chickens feed as you know robert I dont care if im removed....I see bad support from others and I know what im talking about...others dont and dont like being told....its up to people if they want bad support or not.... it will hurt your forum alot to remove my support as most people dont really know what they are doing by looks and generally I really know what im doing...although others will tell you otherwise im confident I know better than them normally... I dont understand softmoding and thats why ive never commented on it....
  7. fum thats not what is required really..and theres quite a bit of other stuff that will need checking as its an unusual requirement but an easy one to step though...anyways if he wants my personal help he can find it....
  8. let me know when you hit 100,000 views right now your about 99,990 off me give you any care
  9. ive got alot of new cab features lined up as im building one and one is an ftp server...and ive started on the new XBMC CoinOPS again for my cab I think XBMC intergration will seal the deal for a lot of people looking for an all in one solution...the only hesitation I have is will it bring out more issues with people like consoles did....and how to best get to who it suits with the least fuss as we have seen.....the internet can be a wierd place
  10. there is answers just not the right place for support...as it was more than hinted there was and is easy answers....and I more than hinted that support here is shocking on stuff I find simple....but its want people wanted and im fine with it being that way the answer is not to use the xbox dashboard 480p switching as that is what coinops grabs the options from...xbmc has its own and can override the eprom settings....you are using xbmc to drive the 480p by looks.... as I say im sorry its hard to handle this support as there are some other things it can be....but this is the mostly likey....but truely im sorry to say not the best place for support anymore as warned...and yes once again sorry about this but it was fortold alot and pushed down a road this way....I was one that didnt want it to go this way and talk about issues when I tried to stop this..... other say they can offer support and I must offer them the benifit of the doubt as they dont like me telling them they dont know what they are doing but sadly ive seen this to be true....and it makes it worse to point it out....so if you MSN me ill be able to sort out your issues real time in a few minutes normally with no fuss as hinted by robert ill bow out of support now... its you guys that ask questions and me feeling sorry for you guys that is holding the last bit now....but its time.....best of luck the blog will be going and soon you will directed there on the new builds
  11. well the xtras people dont like support you have a few options the way I see it Goto the blog Risk bad info here Risk even worse info elsewhere this is all that remains sorry.... yes I know all support used to be here and everything points to it but in the end this place isnt a safe envoriment for dev now so it had to be removed as the offical place I do notice most other sites now have alot of CoinOPS stuff...normally more than anything else....and alot pointed here....I only had one thread and others didnt like CoinOPS success as it directed effected there own worth...so came to the only place left the dev thread and wouldnt leave it alone...especailly around release times it went craze with the same people...anyways its a long story and now finished one Sorry but its just the nature of the way things are now....its in control now just not here...we are trying a controlled move away from here to the blog and I reliase alot come for CoinOPS from many areas including xbox scene which is also owned by haters but now one of the most metioned things....but I never go...hopefully the controlled exit works again as it did the last time for a drama free version of mame there are many....mameox....mame b6....neoraine good luck nothing even comes close but others differ....but a 2sec look for yourself will tell you all you need to know....I cant help you more than this its now up to you
  12. yes its there...all top arcade games are there and some top consoles ace if you hope on msn and add me or send me your msn ill upload if not I wont be able to...its all done and more optimed for speed than normal CoinOPS 2 as there is alot less games...all unnessary stuff is stripped for more roms and speed release info on the blog within the next day a new cabnet feature section will be there soon as I have some ideas for cab and some exciting new stuff heading to the blog soon
  13. ill give out my lite version this weekend...its fully upgraded and tested to latest CoinOPS 2 R4 and fits on a normal HDD....as I say it was finished last night to fit on my stock xboxs....and is a best of and modified to suit this enviorment new release info will be on blog soon
  14. cheers...yes I cant quote sources as they have been removed....as you also know....and he has been removed from the team as you probably know this is of more effect than the stuff I see commented on here recently....and it really does have huge ripples into dev....this should be bigger news than the stuff ive seen around here which is minor in my opion than that news I feel greatly for him and do understand his concerns and have been greatly aware of the issues he has seen for a while and also tried to point them out.... but it is of little use by looks and we all suffer his piece was very well written and I 100 percent agree with it.....
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