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  1. Im having issues when trying to re-size the screen.When resizing in the main options it does not save the screen settings, and when I do it in game it only lets me change size from left to right and not up and down so now everything is currently unplayable.
  2. I had an issue with not being able to play any console games until I figured out that COINOPS only looks for the console roms in the last directory listed for roms in MAMEoX.ini even though the first directory I had listed had the Console roms in them. Is there there any way to fix this in future versions?
  3. BP are you going to possibly add another gameinfo directory because the file limit is already reached at 4,069 and if we wanted to add more gameinfos we would need another folder.
  4. Can anyone PM the added games pack please.
  5. Yes that is the dk jr hack! Thanks for at least taking a look at it!
  6. Can u add the dk jr hack in this build?
  7. What ever happened to adding that donkey kong jr hack? That hack looked so good and ithought I remember you saying you were gonna add it.
  8. is back+black the only combo you can use in game or are there other ones? I like that fact that you can't use save states, helps the game seem more realistic like I used to play them. I would just recommend a tab like GUI to switch between systems because to me its just weird to have my emulated console roms integrated with my arcade roms. Oh and a synopsis for each game like the madmab editions have but include arcade roms as well, I think that would be my most requested new feature.
  9. Do video previews work for the emulated cores? I tried to rename one and it didn't work so I was just wondering if it did...
  10. Why don't you do what u want to do. If u want to release it then do it if not then don't.
  11. Can someone check the original final fight. Eversince the hack was added the original no longer works for me.
  12. I'm not trying in any way to insult you, and you say it is for people asking for specific things well I want all those added games so can I please find a way to get an updated build.
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