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  1. Depends what kind of monitor you will use... (arcade 15Khz monitor) = IPAC (vga monitor)=JPAC This link will make it clear to you: http://www.ultimarc.com/xba.html More easy is like i did (just buy x-arcade stick and use this as the control panel and buy the x-box adapter) and connect to normal TV.
  2. Ive just sold my Xbox arcade cabinet. Because id prefer playing games laying on my bed instead of sitting in front of the cabinet... When i should build again one; im sure to use the xbox again ! Why? - extremely fast booting compared with PC - Coinops which is for me the best emulator - easy connection to the buttons using the xbox convertor (from x-arcade) - you can use also the x-arcade stick (6 buttons per player) (trackball) - you can use normal tv instead of the expensive arcade monitors (15hz)
  3. Strange... WHen i want to start the new roms from R8 pack i get Error message (problem loading the rom) yellow letters on grey background. Never seen this before... Any idea pls? All other roms running perfect; but the new added ones from R8 xtra pack i cant run... (martials masters; valour plus 2) I copied them in the normal rom folder.
  4. I cant run the PSX games; just black screen comes up and no loading indicater it remains long time just black. Anybody knows why? Is the psx core not running yet? For the rest all working perfect !
  5. Please can sombody advice for which we need the ``ROMMidway`` folder? As i put all my roms in the general folder which works fine but now i tried to move all my Midway roms (MK1, MK2, Narcs, Nba,...) this ``Rommidway`` folder but after scanning for games it seems it doesnt find these games? anybody idea why?
  6. since im using reignite 6 im getting following error with NeoGeo games when in the settings: neo geo custom bios is Enabled. after loading the rom following error: uni-bios.23 not found. before i never had this problem; (it seems new unibios is used since a certain release of ignite?) now ive put the file uni-bios.23 in my rom folder but still not working. is there any new neo-geo.zip out which has this file included or what should i do. thnks !
  7. GREAT! As per me only these bugs now: Ninja Masters (files are missing: error) Neo No panepen (crashes during boot)
  8. Pls send me the link thnks
  9. Pls send me the link thnks
  10. 1944; Service mode = F2 and Service1 =9 (as per me same functions) I wanted to change game difficulty in service mode and so i came to deal with this problem, when playing game i enter per accident in the Service mode. How can i avoid this?
  11. Hello, I have one question regarding Coinops. When you go to `Remap This Game` and choose `Service Mode` standard key is `F2` as most ppl dont have keyboard i choose `Right Trigger`. Now its very annoying while playing you push per accident on the `Right trigger` is there any option to assign it back to `F2` without using keyboard?
  12. I also dont know any issues with Neo geo and coinops, all games works great. An upgrade patch would be great with new roms, improvement on earlear roms..., i agree with the others why not.
  13. Great job guys I hope this will also be released in a game pack (seperate) so its easy to update the new game list for everyone. Hope it will not just been added in a new full release... with 1400 games.
  14. For me this is prior: - Lightgun Optimised; (as there are nice gun games available) - White/Black/Triggers can be changed for cabinets (now i need to use xbox -pad in third port to configure cab) - Another 500 Game set patch (always welcome after a while; patch with new games) Cheers !
  15. Only option is go to cheats and turn on endless ammo!
  16. Maybe already posted but couldnt find: My Coinops Gold save games and hiscores (nvram and hiscores) i transfered these to Ignite directories but Ignite is not using them... (save games not found and hiscores neither) Anybody knows why? Is this Ignite using other way of using hiscores and save games?
  17. One more question: FOr example in Ultimate 11 great football game First time running (with Neo geo enable) it asks me at boot in Neo Geo 2 Bios for some settings: Usa, EUrope, Japan COnsole, Arcade or ... Now i want to change these settings again later (example Japan into Europe) How can i do this?
  18. Great, as per my needs; everything works fine now and youre mission is completed. cant wait to get full build (as im missing lot of screenshots) and maybe some new added games (if you added new since last gamepics upload?) Well done!
  19. Hello, It should be very helpfull for me and probably others to make a new upload with newest screens since latest `Gamepics`upload posted here. So we have an idea which games are added again and we can update the romlist by ourselves. Thanks.
  20. Nice this topic ! Very helpfull, thnks to everybody!
  21. One thing is for me worse then in the past `load` and `save state` Now the keys are `start+right thumb+right trigger or left trigger` Also when using this combination most of the time other functions shows up like: volume, brightness, etc... and most cabinet users dont have even right thumb function on there cabinet! In the past it was `back+white` or `back+black`(much easier) Is there any option to change this?
  22. Hey cba i also bought this emc lightgun; first i had to deal with lot of problems with callibrating but when using the mamedox128 calibration file into ignite it works great now! except some games which you already mentioned in the list (callibration issues) `under fire` its a great game.
  23. Tested b4 very nice job! Only still got problems to run next roms (boot errors): - knights of valour plus - the revenge of shinobi - billiard academy - gals panic 4 - gals panis s - operation wolf 3 - lethal enforcers II
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